Friday, December 04, 2009

Doomsday: 10 may 2010

While the end of the world is loudly predicted to take place on 21 December 2012, there were marked indications that doomsday Philippines can be much earlier: National Elections midyear next. No. This is neither mere folly nor pure imagination, much less but an Armageddon inspired prediction. There is quite a good number of ominous signs in the Country that reasonably predict such a deadly catastrophe. In particular, such menacing signs of the times are perceived as exactly the biggest bane in the life of Filipinos, i.e., Philippine politics.

It is not simply dismaying but truly revolting to think that the cornerstone itself of this Country as a republican democracy is categorically anything else but such: The Filipinos are anything but the sovereign People of the Philippines as those precisely oppressing and enslaving them are the political lords in the Country. The Filipinos are certainly not the source of public authority in the land but guns, goons and gold. The Filipinos are definitely not the origin of government but the politicians in command of power and wealth – the political dynasties in particular.

The so called “Maguindanao Massacre” – the slaughter, carnage, butchery – was but one of the so many indiscriminate killings that have taken place before and that will surely happen again after the 2010 National Elections, in different numbers of individuals eliminated and in various degrees of brutality. If many innocent civilians and professional media persons were then massacred – mangled, mutilated, desecrated – the supposedly free and noble exercise of the political right of every Filipino citizen is reasonably foreseen to bring about even more brazenness, deception and debauchery.

Add thereto the projected – questioned, feared, distrusted – automated 2010 national elections. It is certainly the “first” in the already long shameless, disgraceful and violent electoral exercises in the Country. Even certain sensible people in the Commission on Elections in the local as well as in the national levels, say they are worried, they have sleepless nights, they are hoping – just hoping - for the best. And they have all the reasons to so feel and thus worry. The standing truth is that even the most technically sophisticated info-systems used by the most advanced foreign government agencies are still considered “hackable” with the proven truth that what a man can do, another man can undo.

Add further thereto that the ruling administration is precisely fast losing its rule, perceived to be stalked by the significance and implications of losing immunity from suit, thus considered as keeping all options open to continue wielding power “by hook or crook”, believed wherefore to be more and more disposed in declaring the “State of Emergency” – this plus all the above observations can sadly mean anything but to look at 10 May 2010 as “Doomsday Philippines”!

December 4, 2009