Wednesday, December 16, 2009

discredited. distrusted. disrespected.

When someone loses his or her credibility by customary lies and becomes stripped of his or her integrity and honor on account of a long litany of fraud and deceit, the person concerned while feeling great and acting omnipotent, in reality is looked down upon and ridiculed by a majority of the people who know the amoral life and twisted value system party. To have a feel of its objective gravity, such an adverse public reaction of ridicule and disdain towards the same character is not only registered by the serious major dailies but also by responsible broadcast media. There are certainly not few times when their readers and listeners, respectively, feel rather embarrassed by such flippant observations, demeaning perceptions and saucy commentaries.

It can be readily assumed that the character’s faithful handmaids and bellboys of one kind or another, exert extra effort spare and carefully protected the same from reading/listening to such personal and official lampoons made by unending print and broadcast media. This is not to mention the texts – oh! In this capital of the texting world- that are sent and resent, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. It ranges from the joke of throwing but one small Filipino out of a plane to make many other millions of Filipinos jump for joy and delight, - to the extent that to be short/tiny is both terrible and terrific, viz., terrible because the subject party is hardly seen, and terrific whereas it becomes easy for the one to hide or simply disappear. It is heard from the grapevine that when the situation becomes more sober and safe, the thousand and one really good jokes will see publication.

Meantime, when someone has become commonly discredited, usually distrusted and publicly disrespected precisely on account of his or her one to many gross wrongdoings, the following unsolicited pieces of advice are good to remember for reality reference and practical purpose:

First: The person concerned should not get angry at all or even feel offended. Reason: The same is after all the principle cause of what is written and/or said about him or her. In short, people only talk – comment, criticize, joke – as they know or see the subject object of their attention.

Second: The same person should try to recover from his or her vile and vilified self – if such were still possible – upon hearing and knowing what others think and say about the same. This kind of some self-conversion, however, is a moral impossibility for some obnoxious “ to the bones”.

Third: The very same person should know and remember well, it is not that easy to regain public trust and respect by exhibiting some apparently good deeds, nice gestures and/or kind acts, every now and then. People usually have a gut feeling when someone is sincere or simply acting.

And one more thing, the ingrained disadvantage of such a person is that it becomes so difficult to believe him or her even if already saying the truth, so onerous to extend trust to although the same has good intention. So sad, so bad. But that is life on the ground.

December 16, 2009