Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Christ is pro-man. Christmas is pro-humanity

So many greetings are said. So many songs are sung. So many parties are held. And so many messages are written. All these happen on the occasion of one Christmas after another. So many Holy Masses are celebrated. So many prayers are said. So many lanterns are lighted. And so many Season’s cards are filled. All these take place on Christmas time. So many parties are prepared. So many gifts are given. So many laughs are heard. And so many smiles are seen. All these come to order at the advent of Christmas – the longest celebrated feast in the Country.

But behind all such legitimate agenda on the occasion of the dear and endearing Feast of Christmas, the fundamental truth, a sober and sobering message therein remains this: The fact that God became man in Christ, Christ cannot but be pro-man. The reality that Christmas is the incarnation of God in Christ, Christmas cannot but be pro-humanity. In other words, the key lesson and central doctrine of the singular and spectacular event that is Christmas, are embodied in the awe towards human life, in the reverence towards human dignity, and in the respect towards human rights.

This is not meant to undermine, much less demean the other precious doctrinal truths and distinctly priceless realities behind Christmas – such as the sublime love of God for man, the birth of Christ for the salvation of man, the redemption of humankind by the birth-passion-resurrection of Christ. But even all these most known truths and most profound realities have a common denominator: Christ is pro-man. Christmas is pro-humanity. It is both false as well as ridiculous to take away man from Christ, to remove humanity from Christmas.

Hence, on with the celebrations all throughout the Season. On with the joy and glee that Christmas brings. But, as Christ is said to be the “Reason for the Season”, as Christ is the “key to the celebration”, so too is man the love of Christ, just as the Christmas is the love of humanity. This is why Christianity serves, promotes and defends humanity. This is why the Church never tires in preaching the value of human life, the significance of human dignity, the recognition of human rights.

In the same vein, woe to men who belittle man as this is nothing else than devaluating themselves. Anyone who dare think, believe and act as if he or she were more in nature, worth and finality than any other human being, is actually nothing more than a big fool. And such an inane individual will eventually find himself/herself at the bottom of the peak of humankind. Hence: MALIGAYANG PASKO! TAO, SIKAT KA! MABUHAY ANG FILIPINO!