Monday, December 14, 2009

behind and beyond the maguindanao massacre

It was brutal, atrocious, inhuman. It was a national curse, an international shame, a historical first in cruelty and bestiality. Innocent men and women were murdered, butchered and violated. Helpless media persons were slaughtered. Some of them were even buried with their cars serving as coffins. Their burial ground in terms of huge and deep pits were prepared even much earlier- courtesy of a huge and identified provincial backhoe. Hence the many tears shed and the loud cries made by the families and friends of the pitiful victims. Expressions of frustration, indignation and condemnation were made not only locally but also internationally. Not merely relatives and friends of the mercilessly murdered people lamented the human carnage unlimited, but many other individuals and groups in different parts of the world, as well. Most of all, loud and insistent demands for no-nonsense by catching the big fat criminals fast and punishing with the full force of law. Yet, a good number of the perpetrators of the heinous crime, are still doing the rounds there, here and abroad. As usual, the minds behind the debauchery are said to be aspiring for confinement at well known St Luke’s Hospital.

There is even the elementary perception promoted by the administration in particular that the massacre was basically political in nature and pre-election rivalry in context. Political dynasty was said to be the culprit. Yes, there were long known political warlords who were involved. Yes, no less than a hundreds of heavily armed men perpetrated the massacre of several dozens of individuals. Yes, the political warlords of the place with their associates of well armed assassins and butchers, acted with cool and calm to cover-up the killing fields and to bury those they massacred in cold blood. Meantime, the infamous and detestable ruling administration – coerced by the well justified irate urgings of the general public – is as usual “conducting investigations” and “gathering evidence” and “identifying the suspects” and “preparing the trials”. In fact, it even recently declared “Martial Law” in the now foreboding Province of Maguindanao. But very much more than all the above display of usual over-concern and compassionate over-acting, there appears to be much more than everything that is being said and brandied about. Hence, the following straight questions demanding straight answers:

Q. Who authorized the forming of the big private armies in the place by giving or allowing not minding armed assassins to have modern high powered weapons, letting them as well to roam around the Province openly, freely and proudly “protecting” their political masters? Who? Was it the DILG leadership as principal agent?

Q. Why were the known political warlords allowed to exist and prosper, to live and act as billionaires with many palatial homes and luxurious cars, without the least regard for the high ranking PNP lawful authorities in the place? Why? Was it because of Malacanang profound political gratitude from the time its tenant and allies won all election since 1974?

Q. What was the real and actual bottom line issue in the massacre of the times which was such a singular phenomenon to merely pin it on but political rivalry in a local and distant place, yet undertaken with big nonchalance and much bravura. What? Was it huge and customary drug dealing, together with continuous big money laundering – particularly in Las Vegas?

December 14, 2009