Monday, December 21, 2009

antisocial personality disorder

Many abhorrent words, different sickening terms and various revolting expressions have been used and are still being heard in the attempt to describe a singularly aberrant event in the Country. Now better known under the title of the “Maguindanao Massacre”, this extra-horrible killing rampage has once more placed the Philippines in the international “Horror Role”. As private citizens are one after another, bringing honor and prestige to this dear and endearing land on account of their proven skills and talents, the already too long ruling administration however sees to it that it is in one way or another involved in patently and officially bringing continuous disgrace and shame to the Filipinos before the Community of Nations.

There is one particular personality in the said brutal and bloody episode whose name and picture are all over the Country for people to behold and know him – not without perplexity how could someone become a suspect of such superlative viciousness, savagery and carnage. One thing appears certain, viz., the barbarity thus exhibited with pride and glee definitely goes over and beyond ordinary criminal action and reaction patterns of many kind and in different degrees. Experts in behavioral science proffer a diagnostic portrait of such a personality constitution – basically in terms of a given dangerous behavioral malady labeled as “Antisocial Personality Disorder” (DMS-IVtm, APA, 1995, 301/7 ) – without the least attributing this personality anomaly to the person concerned whereas such remains in the domain and competence of experts:

First: The essential feature of the behavioral liability is a pervasive or utter disregard for others specifically in terms of the gross violation of their human dignity and personal rights with apathy.

Second: Its other personality traits are deceit and manipulation as a matter of course, callousness and lack of empathy as given personal features, arrogance and ingrained superiority complex as a matter of fact.

Third: And there is the constitutional failure to conform with social norms, reckless disregard with laws and civil norms of conduct, impulsivity and aggressiveness, with the over-all inherent lack of remorse.

The said personality disorder is usually associated with adult males whose adolescence has been exposed to extraordinary anti-people domestic and/or local environ – where the characters concerned sees and considers themselves as the law to be obeyed, the masters to be served and honored. Needless to say, the same personality disorder admits different degrees of gravity and its consequent menace to society. It is incurable – as a rule.

December 21, 2009