Monday, November 16, 2009

philippine abu sayyaf group

Certain personalities holding relatively high positions in the local public and private sectors with legitimate concerns and business ventures in the Country, appear to have been long since nauseated and even exasperated with a particularly well known presidential creation known as the “Philippine Anti-Smuggling Group” (PASG). Hereto previous, this “Group” received nothing but a good amount of impressive media exposures for its apparently unconditional dedication and impressive activism in continuously and tirelessly working against smuggling in the Philippines. No wonder then that it received not only the gratitude of the general public but also the adulation of law abiding citizens.

But lo and behold, all of a sudden the marked silence of long depressive and offended public and private officials concerned seemed to have exploded to the extent that one of them at least, came up with the following revealing and flabbergasting statement - as recently quoted by a well respected and much read daily broadsheet: “The PASG has become a breeding ground for a crooked and dishonest public officials and employees.” And the lamentable conclusion is said to have gone along this way: “The PASG should be abolished since it merely duplicates the work of customs bureau, considering that it is not even authorized by Congress to collect taxes and duties” – or something the like.

It is in the context of the above desperation and exasperation that the PASG was thus angrily said to mean “Philippine Abu Sayyaf Group”. While such a burst of temper is understandable, it is well possible that the alleged misdeeds of PASG can be well over and above the perceived wrong doings of Abu Sayyaf. Hence, if such were the case, it might be not altogether out of order if apologies were made to the said Muslim group for the offense thus probably made thereto.

Specifically in conjunction with the PASG head with formal Malacanang appointment, before this apparently sudden and unexpected action the Palace occupant, there were certain allegations made about the reason for the subject party concerned to have been giving such a newly conceived public office – allegations that should certainly be verified. It was said that during the 2004 National Elections, the subject party concerned was apparently the incumbent Mayor of a certain Town in Northern Luzon. Hereto added is a said mathematical impossibility that he thought to actuality by having a then well known opposition presidential candidate obtain a big fat zero vote in the same Municipality. In addition thereto, it was thus said that each and every single vote in the place all went in favor of now incumbent Malacanang occupant! It was wherefore concluded that the same person concerned was eventually appointed by the same highest public Official in the Country as the PASG head – supposedly as a concrete sign of gratitude to the latter.

Needless to say, all the above thoughts and observations - except for the recent open denouncement of the PASG – beg for verification in the spirit of justice and truth. As the present administration is supposed to be gradually but certainly packing its many and big bags in preparation for an exit to somewhere, it would be a real pity if it is in effect making its morally questionable luggage even more and heavier.

November 16, 2009