Wednesday, November 04, 2009


First, the bad news!

Most politicians are standard cheats, infamous liars and/or extraordinary crooks. A good number of capitalists, businessmen and professionals are unprincipled, dishonest and/or greedy. More. There are murderers and rapists, kidnappers and carnappers, thieves and holduppers plus probably a million and more other individuals who thrive in evil and delight in vices. No wonder then than in addition to the thousands of the members of the Philippine National Police, there are even many other agencies in government so designed, manned and paid to counter criminal elements to neutralize unsavory characters all over the land.

In fact, it is no secret that there is even a sizeable number of policemen themselves and the other law enforcers in the local and national levels who are themselves either the agents of injustice and disorder, the protectors of criminal syndicates and illegal activities, and/or the big and continuous beneficiaries of goons and hoodlums in different communities. This disgusting and disturbing reality notwithstanding, there are many well meaning citizens who want even more numerous policemen in their neighborhoods in order to better guard their safety. The dismaying question in this scenario is who in turn guard the policemen? This thought is admittedly neither irrelevant nor really foolish.

The truth is that city and municipal jails together with provincial and national prisons are anything but empty and peaceful – something more dangerous than secure for the inmates themselves as well as for the neighborhoods around such places. To personally look and attentively watch these jails and prisons – observing the menacing looks and threatening postures of their inmates – is enough for those who do such closer watch, to think how low can certain individuals sink, to feel how unsafe is the Country.

Now, the good news!

There are some 90 million Filipinos. The multi-million good and kind ones among them very greatly and categorically outnumber the bad and cruel few. The multitude of Filipinos who love and care for one another is immense in number and admirable in attributes – compared to those who are the curse of the Country and the shame of humanity.

Millions upon millions of the Filipino people are poor but honorable, common tao but great neighbors. They are the legislative pride of the Country. They are the blessing of the Philippines. They have the admiration of foreigners.

Otherwise, how does one explain the dear and endearing “pinoy” cultural traits of “damayan” and “bayanihan”, “tulungan” and “bigayan”? They are hospitable to a fault. They have many songs. They are full of jokes. They love fiestas. They laugh much. They smile often. People of the Philippines – MABUHAY!

November 4, 2009