Friday, November 20, 2009

“none of the above”

It is not really that hard to know and conclude that premised on the way Philippine politics is presently on-going – and even relatively long since – specially through the respective rhetoric and posturing of the present crop of lead candidates for the forthcoming May 2010 national elections, its three more common, similar or even identical features are the following:

There are no Political Parties:

Except for the very superficial differences in terms of titles, initials or what have you, there are but mere associations, affiliations or groupings not really unlike “Boy’s Clubs – not Political Parties. Yes, they all have their own slogans, they sport common group colored T-shirts and they all also wave and smile much. But they have no distinct ideas or “ideology”, no particular value systems, no proper avowed principles of action. That is why the so called “political butterflies” are the order of the day: Candidates fly from one to another “Political Party” where there are more possibilities of winning basically on account of resources and other resources. In short, there are no honest to goodness Political Parties with their set of beliefs and pursuant distinctive professed objectives.

There are no political Platforms

There are much said and loudly proclaimed motherhood statements. “Love of Country”, “Service to the People”, “Eradication of Poverty” – these are the same more popular and familiar songs that said associations, affiliations or groupings sing. On the other hand, in the past national elections that took place one after another, there were likewise the essentially the same verses recited by the then head political candidates of the recent past. And today, precisely, the Country is left behind by millions of Filipinos to go abroad. The people are still much wanting in public service and common good. And the Filipinos are now in fact much poorer than before. Oh yes! There are big and beautiful platforms built for political rallies and the like. But honest to goodness socio-political platforms – there are none.

There are no real choices among the principal Political Candidates:

With but tri-media publicity that differ in make and frequency and costing, with popularity as the main credential and with the customary and thereby awaited handouts in cash or in kind given here and there by the candidates specially as the election date comes nearer – not to mention the irrelevant endorsements of movie stars and beauty queens even as times – there can be no real or objective choices particularly among those aspiring for the highest elective position in the land. And this is the on-the-ground case with or without automated elections, with or without “Honest, Orderly and Peaceful Election” – something that appears to be the illusive HOPE of this Country and its people.

Poor Country! Pitiful Filipinos!

November 20, 2009