Friday, November 06, 2009

lame duck

This is certainly not about the common saying or the forlorn joke even that something that looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck is a duck plain and simple. Instead, this is specifically about a lame leadership, a sorry authority position, a tenuous tenure of power. The figure is then likened to a “lame duck” – a disabled leader trying hard to appear in command, and over-acting as if the same were not disabled. But to no avail, irrespective of whether the fact limping image of supreme might and dominant influence knows/admits the lackluster actuality or not, the truth nevertheless remains that the same is a lame duck – notwithstanding all posturing and appearance to the contrary.

Thus it is that a lame duck leader – particularly in the highest level of a government hierarchy – approves this and that, but a mere approval it basically remains. The same may order that to be done and/or direct this to be undone. Yet, simply but a token observance by the leader’s underlings is done – if any at all. This is specially true when the leader concerned is not simply undermined by the short and ever shortening tenure of Office in the course of time, but also buried in the quagmire of corruption, deception and misrepresentation of historical proportion.

No wonder then that as the ominous day in May 2010 infallibly comes nearer every hour of the day and every day of the week, the same leader cannot but be expected to do the main following predictable agenda: Assign executive Offices to whoever are willing and available as their previous holders jump the ship – so to speak – one after another. Acquiescence to visionary plans, impulsive programs and quixotic projects in the vain attempt to make up for previous big executive failures, with the futile design even to leave some kind of a vain and futile legacy.

Meantime, it is definitely nothing but the money of people that is fooled around with, spent and wasted. It is also surely nobody else but the people again who are left holding an empty bag. And it is certainly nothing else than the Country that is more underdeveloped than some nine years ago. With the laming of the duck, it is only in the world of fantasy – if not in the realm of miracles which are rather illusive and wherefore rare – that better things for the people and the Country can be realistically expected.

Both leadership radiant successes and dismal failures offer really good and relevant lessons to all those now decidedly vying for leadership position in government – specially that exercised from Malacanang. Those who in their solitary times, sober moments and specially so during occasions for quiet praying, harbor honest doubts about their integrity, competence and character for good and effective leadership, will in fact stand taller before God and the people in the event that on their own, they withdraw from the electoral contest. Please!

November 6, 2009