Monday, November 09, 2009

begging bowl

There is a world financial crisis that even much progressive and wealthy countries are reeling from. This is not to mention the reality of global warming that practically all nations the world over are suffering from in form of one kind of economic reversal or another. And said revolt of nature, so to speak, brings to fore the more recent devastation of some parts of the Philippines due to extra-strong typhoons. So much assets and resources of a good number of people were wasted and lost. So many families were rendered homeless and destitute. So many voices were heard asking for food, shelter and clothing.

Fact: So, the Philippines has brought out the begging bowl.

Time and again it was before said in many ways and heard in many occasions that the Country was truly fortunate and blessed for having a socio-economic expert at the top of government. Repeatedly was the boast made that the same person even frequented a well known university in foreign soil to obtain such a prestigious expertise. And for no less than some nine years of top national leadership, the people even heard some glorious preaching about the certain and certified vision of “super Regions” together with “Super Maids”, among other numerous beneficial assurances.

Reality: Yet, the Country has in hand the begging bowl.

One development plan after another were made. Many economic programs were proclaimed. This and that infrastructure projects were advertised. Practically numberless personal appearances and visits, photo opportunities and announcements about so many progressive ventures were made – all in the name of the economic progress of the Country and the common welfare of the people. Billions upon billions of pesos were thus spent one year after another. Bigger and bigger annual budgets were drawn. More and more debts were incurred. And there is the standing claim that the economic fundamental are in place.

Truth: Still, the Nation has paraded the begging bowl.

And there were the one too many expensive foreign travels and luxurious accommodations abroad to the glory, comfort and fame of the Chief in command. Thereafter, infallibly as the sun rises the night after, there were glowing reports of economic gains obtained for the Country, financial welfare for the people assured. The proper clapping was readily made and the politically correct praises were duly said. As usual, many promises were made and big expectations were raised. But at the end of all these envisioned national development and affluence, more people are poor, more families are hungry, more communities are deprived and depressed.

Question: When will the begging bowl be withdrawn and gone? What is in store for the Philippines? How will the Filipinos regain their lost dignity and once again have their legitimate pride? After June 2010? Just asking.

November 9, 2009