Wednesday, October 07, 2009


Stewardship in general refers to someone acting as an overseer, a supervisor, a deputy or a trustee of certain resources, certain agenda or assigned work.
In short, stewardship is management for others. In the temporal world, a steward is a care-taker of material resources that he or she does not really own but simply manages in the name of someone else. In other words, a steward has really no dominion over the assets the same is commissioned to supervise – to safeguard, improve and even upgrade. The striking reality of stewardship has continuous relevance and practical application at all times and in all places. The truth of stewardship specially comes to mind during these days of one big calamity after another in the Country.

People are stewards of creation. Nature and its resources, the environ and its benefits, the wealth of the land and the bounty of the sea, the benefits of clean and fresh air – all these are entrusted by their Creator to men, women and children to care for and to benefit from. Woe therefore to people if they merely exploit such wealth and potentials of nature. What a pity if they abuse and misuse the earth’s natural resources, thus leaving these wasted and destroyed. It is wherefore no secret that even silent nature and the patient environ can roar, rebel and hit back with a vengeance when so much ill-treated or maltreated by their own stewards precisely meant to care for and preserve them.

People are but stewards of what they have – little or much – such as those temporal goods called their possessions in cash and/or in kind. This is why even their so called private properties have ingrained social dimension. The truth is that no one, absolutely no one has absolute ownership of anything he/she has – even those stored in their vaults, deposited in their banks and/or brought to foreign investment houses. The underlying reality behind this apparently curious if not cryptic truth squarely consists in the long known and obvious fact that no one, no one at all, can bring and keep a miserable centavo with him or her when stiff dead. Sorry for the rudeness and even cruelty. But the truth is the truth. Period.

The above simple observations and plain reminders bring to fore the following pretty good reminders: 1st . The more people respect and care for the earth and its environ, the better for them, their children and their children’s children to continue enjoying and benefiting from them. 2nd. The more people share possession with others in need, the more their resources become useful and profitable as such goods are made to spread their beneficial purpose and attributes. 3rd. The more people become generous not stingy, some kind of a Santa Clause instead of a Scrooge, the bigger they look, the taller they stand before God and man.

By the way: Stewardship is not an option but an imperative!

October 7, 2009