Friday, October 16, 2009

state of national calamity

Surprising yet suspicious. Ambiguous and disturbing. Impressive but frightening. These are some of the confused and confusing messages brought to fore by the unexpected and interesting declaration coming straight from the seat of supreme power in the Country. Just for the record, it might be good to forewarn people that a “state” implies something stable in being and lasting in time. In other words, the said “state” is not a reality that comes and goes but instead remains and stays for an indefinite time frame. And to say that the same “state” is qualified as “national”, this is truly a very serious qualifying term as the “calamity” is thus assumed as verified all over the land which in fact is composed of some hundreds of islands.

It is not wherefore unexpected that the declaration – by virtue of a possibly newly assumed title of “typhoon Czar” – the following reactions of some people were heard from some quarters qualifying it as “Over-Acting”, “Over-kill and the like. And they are not altogether wrong and unjustified in their reactions whereas as of even date, the two recent typhoons damaged but a part of Metro Manila and a section of Northern Luzon. And, needless to say, the Philippines is certainly very much more in territorial national confines than the said typhoon unfortunate affected areas.

And from the business sectors specially from the big and small manufacturers of basic foods and commodities down their sellers from super markets to the neighborhood stores, rightly or wrongly, the following were also heard about their depreciation of their Supreme Leader and the choice-followers of the latter: “They are ignorant of market forces.” “They do not know even the rule of supply and demand.” And similar negative observations. No! This is definitely not favoring profiteers, much less it is negating the plight of poor, specially the typhoon victims. But truth to say, the former are relatively few compared with the huge number of honest business people. And the latter are likewise much lesser in count than those spared by the recent upheavals of nature. In other words, that there is a calamity here and there, adversely affecting some areas and their residents, yes! But there is calamity all over the Country unfortunately impoverishing the all 90 million Filipinos!?

Furthermore, this is strange but true. The State of National Calamity has some things in common with the State of Emergency. Warrantless arrests. Pre-emptive action and the like. One thing is certain: The present crop of Filipinos appears to be getting used to domestication and dominion. In the same way they seem to be already tired of hearing graft and corrupt practices in practically all agencies of the reigning government – specially so at the very top of its hierarchy. And this brings to mind the big question of spending the “Calamity Fund” in many places where there is no calamity at all – and wherefore giving the local public officials concerned the official go signal to profit from the spending, to thus tow the line of the political machinery of the administration, and to wherefore prepare for forthcoming huge election expenses.

October 16, 2009