Monday, October 05, 2009

“same sex marriage”

While the practice of the so called “Same Sex Marriage” is either much debated or actually done in other Countries, exactly the same event has been reportedly done somewhere in the Country, by a reportedly Bishop of a church between a reportedly male homosexual partner. No. This little observation is certainly neither meant to ridicule those concerned in the affair, nor in any way intended to pass judgment on all parties therein involved. What wherefore is the rationale of this brief and candid write-up about the reportedly reality – which is admittedly not only interesting but also intriguing – is merely to tell the truth, to say the fact.

In submission to the law of nature, in recognition of the basic physiological composition and pursuant to its consequent objective personality constitution, people of all standard, races, usual colors and ordinary creeds, from the stone age to these nuclear times, know, feel and observe marriage between a man and a woman. This is why both in the sphere of natural law and in the area of positive law, marriage has these standing fundamental requirements and attributions: One, it is between man and a woman. Two, it is between a male and female pair. Three, it is between two equals in human dignity and human rights.

Marriage of one kind or another between a man and a woman has accompanied humanity since its beginning. Yes, there were and there are still deviations from this natural norm and historical fact of marriage. But what is naturally true, rationally right and instinctively normative, remain as such – notwithstanding any argument and all practices to the contrary. This is like saying that the world is round and it remains – notwithstanding all allegations and perceptions thereto contrary. The same is marriage as known, understood and observe by people in general in difficult times and places the world over.

The conclusion is obvious: “Marriage” between a man and another man, between a woman and another woman, “marriage” among three parties, one woman and two men or one man and two women, “marriage” between two men and three women, “marriage” between a boy and a girl, between a human being and an animal, and every other conceivable variations – all these are be anything and everything except marriage as established by natural law and affirmed by human nature.

In other words, hold it on earth, in the skies or under the waters, have it solemnized by an altar boy or a Pope, do it with ordinary guests or with the rich and famous, have it done with much or no flowers, celebrate it with a singing or whispering choir – a “Same Sex Marriage” can be something, can be anything or everything but marriage. There are a good number of truths that are futile to deny just as there are facts which are ridiculous to contradict. And marriage is in truth and in fact between a man and woman as a pair of equals. Something else is anything – but marriage.

Ovcruz, JCD
Oct 2, 2009