Monday, October 12, 2009

exit international

The womb, the crib and diapers, the mittens, the stroller and milk bottles – these are but some of the immediate symbols not only of human life but also the love, care and attention given to it. Teachers and schools, books and libraries, colleges and universities – these are concrete realities that stand for human education and transformation. Work and industry, employment and profession, food, shelter and clothing – these in turn are the standard means to promote human dignity and development. Nurses, physicians and hospitals, vitamins, medicines as well as vaccines – these are likewise intended to preserve human health and prolong human life.

There is nothing more precious than human life. This is why the right to life is almost universally considered as above all strictly human prerogatives – as the crowning glory of humanity. When big floods come and strong winds blow, when walls collapse and houses fall, when volcanoes erupt and the land slides, saving human lives becomes both the primary concern and fundamental objective. Buildings and houses collapse, streets crack and bridges fall, trucks, cars and other vehicle collide. In all these sad events, both reason and experience are focused on saving human lives over and above all considerations.

That is why nuclear armaments such as long ranged missiles and other atomic weapons, guns and bombs, tanks and canons, wars and the other national and international conflicts, terrorists attacks as in suicide bombers, the same with incurable viruses together with health hazards in epidemic and pandemic proportions – all these are detestable for humanity as such as they are also big treats to human lives. That is by not only this and that Nation abhor much such grave threats to human lives, but even States join hands in honest efforts to stop such unfortunate factors. Reason: Save super valuable and inestimable human life.

And, lo and behold, here comes the so called “EXIT INTERNATIONAL” conceived, advertised and marketed by all people, a so called physician who should instead stand for life. His business venture basically consists in a handy kit with the enough killing chemicals. Whenever someone buys the suicide kit and thereby gives the inventor physician his due profits, the buyer is ever ready to kill himself or herself in any place and at any time. Suicide kit is one very portable, a nice looking item, making suicide possible for any cause and at any time, in one’s private room in City Square, when simply a train or flying in an airplane. The “EXIT” from whatever to wherever is made so convenient, so ready, so deadly. The appendage of “INTERNATIONAL” thereto is understood that the business of fast and sure self-killing kit looks at the globe as its eventual market. By the way, this novel approach to suicide is conceived by the physician inventor, manufactured and sold in order to side-tract the legal question and social complications of the so called “Assisted-Suicide”. How considerate!

One suggestion: Why does not the inventor physician himself patronize his own product by using the kit to show everybody how great and wonderful it is to kill oneself? Just a little suggestion.

October 12, 2009