Monday, October 19, 2009

climate change

When the matter of "Climate Change”, "Global Warming" and related concerns were first brought to the formal attention of the world, at first there was shock. This was followed by worry that in some way ended in doubt if not downright rejection by some members of the world of science and technology due to counter arguments of their own. Eventually however, there have been some concrete moves taken and particular resolves made specifically to counter and thereby respond to the already felt adverse climate effects in certain parts of the globe. This is especially relevant to countries leading in business and industry, and wherefore also leading in gas and coal consumption said to have big effect in global warming causative of climate change. In general, the call is in favor of more ecologically safe sources of energy, more especially on the part of developed countries in Europe and in Asia.

In other words, true or false, party true or partly false, a good number of countries—be these already developed or simply developing—are responding in their own opted ways to the fatal danger poised by the change of world climate precisely due to the warming of the globe as a whole. In fact, as time goes by—particularly in those continents that repeatedly suffer much from natural disasters such as howling typhoons, formidable earthquakes and other extraordinary calamities that are climate connected—there are more and more people taking "Climate Change" more seriously. At present, there seem to be two major theories to explain the change in world climate and the warming of the globe,

Some scientists say that the warming is basically caused by a heating earth that thereby makes more and more water evaporate to the clouds. These in turn when already so much saturated, pour immense quantity of water back to earth which causes flooding, landslides and the like. Recently, other scientist claim that the global warming is in reality caused by the progressively more burning sun that thereby accordingly brings about global warming, climate change and all other adversities in nature and in the environ.

Concretely in conjunction with the infamous "Ondoy" and "Pepeng" much unwelcome visits to the Philippines, it seems that the phenomenon itself of climate change for whatever cause, is no longer debatable. For decades, there was nothing like the said terribly destructive pair that landed on the Islands—particularly in Luzon—that took so many lives, flattened so many houses, destroyed so many crops and impoverished so many families. The lamentation is rightfully "Never before!" but the expectation is not "Never again!"

For those still harboring either doubt about or rejection of climate change, it would be enough for them to go over world history—in addition to biblical narration if they so wish. They say one and the same thing: Ever since climate came about, it has been continuously changing in the course of time. Otherwise, how could the following be rationally explained: The division of land into islands. The coming out of mountains here and there. The making of volcanoes in this and that place. The rarity of certain plants and the appearance of new ones. The extinction of these and those huge mammals.

19 October 2009