Friday, October 23, 2009

bane and boon

It is not really infrequent that exactly same truth is a curse to one and a blessing to another, that precisely the same reality is a malediction to many but an opportunity to some others. Thus it is that poverty makes the poor cry but causes profiteers to rejoice, that justice is taboo to criminals but a relief to the upright. In other words, depending on the functional or dysfunctional value system of people – either as individuals or groups thereof – what is objectively bad or adverse to them, can readily become subjectively good or beneficial to the rest.

This is the case in point of the one too many natural calamities that have been devastating the Country in too short a time lately. Even but the mere mention of their names is enough to bring sadness and fright, lamentation and desperation to thousands of Filipinos who are still suffering from the loss of their loved ones and/or of the waste of their already meager resources. At the same time however, there are those who are personally rejoicing at precisely such disasters as they salivate for the huge amount of money that is coming their way specifically on account of the big suffering of others.

This brings to mind the shameless incarnation of graft and corrupt under the present supposedly glorious administration. Much foreign donations already received or still expected not simply in kind but specially so in cash, enormous loans plus big debts in fact incurred or already in the making – knowing the dismal track record of Malacanang and favored allies in the matter of handling public funds – no wonder that not few people distinctly smell something rotten in the air. Money and power are per se already suspect the moment they are in the hands of a great number of particularly high public servants in the government. This is because they too are also high ranking in graft and corrupt practices in both the public perception and in ground reality.

Translation: The more recent and still on-going calamities brought about by nature for whatever cause – these constitute a bane for the people but a boon for the administration. So what if men, women and children die? There is overpopulation! What if Filipinos are poor? They were never rich anyway! What is fundamental and significant in this disturbing scenario, finds its premise on how much goes to the pockets of those reigning over them, and draws its rationale from how fatter the latter’s foreign and local bank accounts become. This is gross and cruel yet expected and true. Only Martians might think and believe otherwise.

Meantime, the poor become poorer and the sick become sicker. Furthermore, the more they consume even very basic goods such as food, clothes and shelter, the more they are taxed. Finally, even the yet unborn Filipinos are already in big and still amounting debt. At the same time, their corrupt minded and graft oriented government officials are delightfully contemplating their continuous tenure of power and wealth, with or without the 2010 national elections. How devious and vicious they have become! How they have thrown so much grimy dirt in the world of politics, so much smelly garbage into the sphere of governance. Yet, even these shall end. Truth shall prevail. Justice shall reign.

October 23, 2009