Friday, September 11, 2009

Three Signal Attributes of A Worthy Presidential Candidate

The election fever has started. Political gimmicks are all over the Country. Camouflaged, ambivalent or obvious campaign advertisements have long since invaded particularly the radio and TV stations. The common tao are already anticipating and salivating for the fiesta atmosphere of the forthcoming elections. But more than them, there are political candidates who will spare no costs and will adopt all conceivable means to get their monies back by landing their eagerly opted political positions. These are good times. These are bad times. It is a good time because money, food and drinks will flood the Country. It is a bad time whereas bad people appear as if from nowhere to sow fear and bring havoc to many otherwise peaceful communities in all the regions of the land.

While all political candidates – specially those aspiring for the highest office in the land – are decidedly saying anything and doing everything to sell themselves to the voting public, there are however three pivotal questions that both the young and old committed and serious voters keep on asking more frequently and insistently as election time draws nearer. One, whom will they vote for? Two, why will they vote for him? Three, will he be able to reform the malevolent Philippine politics and transform an ethically dying and wherefore morally bankrupt present government? These are not only legitimate but also timely questions. Why?

After the long infamous martial law regime, not only a pious person an thereafter a brave figure, not merely a popular individual followed by a haughty character as well, were all one after another elected to lead in the governance in this other blessed Country. The over-all lamentable result of their combined some two decades of administration need not really be mentioned at all. Reason: Reciting their long litany of their respective outrageous personal conduct and official nauseous actuation can readily be considered as sadism – something like adding barrels of salt to a big and still fresh national injury. The mere recall of what their individual presidency stood for – with the still ruling administration deserving a special mention – is enough to make the brave surrender in desperation and the courageous to give up with disgust!

INTEGRITY that keeps someone fair, just and upright, notwithstanding all arguments to the contrary. Character that makes the same individual stand still and thereby exercise the right and sound political will, despite all representations and pressures in favor of the opposite. COMPETENCE that empowers the same person with the knowledge of and aptitude for governance, without necessarily being perfect or altogether unerring, with good intentions however never wanting. These are the key attributes demanded from the in-coming President according to the signs of the times. Note: Truth to tell, there is one distinct and singular personality already in government who for all intents and purposes, has the integrity and the character and the competence for eligibility and election to the Office of the President of the Philippines. Why not check attentively, look closely and vote for him accordingly?

+OVCruz, DD
Sept 11, 2009