Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poor God!

This is no way meant to say that GOD is irrelevant in secular matters, in temporal issues, not even in political aspirations and agenda. He is GOD of both heaven and earth. He is GOD of humanity as a whole – irrespective of their race, color and creed. He is an all-knowing and all powerful GOD. And he is GOD Who is in love with people, Who knows their problems and needs, Who expects people to pray to Him and Who listens to their prayers.

Many people praying to GOD aloud at the same time and in the same place, men women and/or children praying to Him by themselves in different occasions and various events, one individual praying to Him alone silently in Church or at home, in the school or in office, the truth is sincere prayers addressed to Him for particular needs and special intentions are great and in order, all genuine supplications are pleasing to GOD and beneficial to all those calling upon Him specially for enlightenment and/or guidance, for prudence and/or courage.

It is nicely said that prayer is man’s strength and GOD’s weakness. Among other things, this means that someone who prays becomes more precisely by being joined with GOD, by being in contact with Him, by having Him listen to the prayer said. And when what is prayed for is good, right and just according to His will and design, this is when GOD finds it hard not to give attention to someone praying. There is nothing like prayer – be this in adoration and/or thanksgiving, in repentance and/or in petition – that elevates man to GOD and lowers GOD to man.

Why then the lamentation “POOR GOD!”? If prayer means God is great and man is blessed, if prayer precisely makes GOD dear and man endearing, what’s wrong with this reality!? This: Such a sublime reality and awesome actuality becomes not simply a contemptuous but also a scandalous phenomenon when certain individuals otherwise trusted and respected, dare make such vain and volatile explicit and public claims as the following: “God spoke to me.” “God told me.” “God said to me.” And the like.

Relatively few people in this Country have forgotten that ill-fated and blasphemous claim that brought shame and infamy to the claimant of the following pronouncement: “God told me” to run for elections, to seek the Office of the President of the Philippines – or something the like. The claimant previously said that going for election was definitely not an option on account of many pretentious intentions and grandiose plans. But not long after, exactly the same claimant made exactly the opposite claim. Reason: God spoke! Come to think of it: There is a rather known saying that when someone speaks to God through prayers, this is cool! But when someone dares says with great pride, big pleasure and bright glow that God speaks to himself/herself, something could be very wrong and/or highly erratic with the individual concerned.

After such a pivotal lie, a fundamental deception or a downright hallucination: POOR GOD! Poor Filipinos! Poor Philippines! Since then to the present times.

+OVCruz, DD
September 16, 2009