Monday, September 14, 2009

options. options. options

Applied to the present gloriously reigning and happily globe trotting Chief, Visionary and Czar, option means whatever, however, and whenever the tenure of power, influence and wealth can be kept securely and held indefinitely. There are neither legal or ethical principles that can block the way. There is no moral scale of values that can hinder the desire. The means thus well justify the end. Everyone and everything are expendable. Truth, justice and peace become irrelevant. To hold on to might and influence without minding either the cause or the cost, to be above the law, to protect and preserve dynastic interests – all these precisely bring to fore the reality of all conceivable options, the presence of all possible options, the long list of options to hold on to power. What are these options – based on the now known and perceived varying scenarios?

Option 1: To sow social trouble and disturbance, to cause havoc among the institutions in the land, to disseminate public disorder and fright in order to lay the basis for an “Emergency Rule” as someone already did before and succeeded in establishing a rather long dictatorial regime.

Option 2: To grudgingly follow the Constitution by running as a humble Representative of a now nationally famous District, with the obvious intention or end in view of becoming the eminent Speaker of the House through transactional politics as a standard procedural practice.

Option 3: To pull the surprise of the times such that in any way and by whatever means, the Constitution is changed in favor of a Parliamentary Form of Government, followed by a pro-forma approving plebiscite, and thereafter happily making someone a Parliamentary destined for election into the Office of Prime Minister.

Option 4: To stage some kind of a “Coup me!” with all the “Ex” something all around, with all of them willing and able to do it, under the clear and expressed stipulation that someone supposedly thrown out of Office, categorically remains in Office with even more power, more prerogatives and more fringe benefits.

Option 5: To hold the so called “fully automated” elections as scheduled, to create not only big questions but also grave doubts about its process and/or its conduct and/or the counting of votes, simply in order to justify a declaration of “Failure of Elections”, and someone merrily stays in power as beforehand already designed.

A united and trusting people, a developed and peaceful Country, a “Bayang Magiliw” - all these are definitely remain elusive as it has been in the past long 9 years in the event that after no less than 10 years even, someone remains ruling the Philippines.

+OVCruz, DD
September 14, 2009