Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Key Enemies of Good Government

Considering that good government demands good politics which in turn stipulates good politicians, the main social enemies of this triple goodness are the following : One, poverty. Two, credulity. Three, passivity. All these realities have been long since obtaining on the part of a good number of Filipinos in their roles as citizens and voters in this supposedly democratic Country. Otherwise, it would be practically impossible to explain particularly the incumbent administration during the past eight years – an administration which has been long since in effect equated with deception and corruption.

The ground truth of such a partisan politico-national disaster is the combined by-product of a people who are by and large poor, credulous and passive. More than a composite socio-ethical fault on their part, they are instead continuous victims of flagrant thievery, gross deceit and ultimate pitiful submission – courtesy of the ruling administration with an odious and devious destructive staying power. The bigger the “trapos” are in government, the more poor, credulous and passive a large portion of the Filipinos become.

To start with, an impoverished people is not really free precisely because they are chained by their unmet basic needs and unsatisfied necessities. Time and again, it is rightly said that genuine democracy and real poverty cannot co-exist. In line with the dictum that beggars cannot be choosers, so it is that poor and hungry people are readily bought, reigned and silenced by political dole outs which can be readily equated with social bribery. This is precisely why truly evil political figures prefer to govern people wallowing in poverty as these become not only simple in thinking and submissive in behavior.

And there is the added social liability that poor people readily believe that heavenly promises of politicos, well disposed to cling to and depend on their delirious commitments to common good and public welfare. What can a very thirsty and hungry man do if not immediately listen to and hope for the loud and repeated vain avowals of fresh water and abundant food made by abominable if not also delusional “professional” politicians? These are elective or elected individuals who simply love and enjoy having credulous and obedient constituents.

Being thus afflicted by continuous poverty and consequent credulity in the world of rapacious and deceptive “expert” politicians, people eventually become afflicted too with passivity. Being poor is considered as a way of living and being credulous is felt as a means of hoping and coping, what else is in store for such people if not to be passive in life and thus indifferent to the socio-political pathetic national situation and to the persevering dreadful local conditions.

Come to think of it, a government can be the life or death, the blessing or curse of the people it rules over.

+OVCruz, DD
Sept 9, 2009