Monday, September 07, 2009

election joys and woes

Partisan political election in this country is something both lively and deadly, a carnival as well as a criminal time frame. That is why even before this writing, there were already a good number of both inspiring and depressing events together with propitious and suspicions events directly or indirectly linked to partisan political realities. The truth of the matter is that as May 2010 progressively comes to fore, there will surely be progressively more celebrations held as well more lamentations made – practically all connected one way of another, with the election fever. These readily foreseen joyful and woeful realities have special significance and relevance to the big probability that the ruling administration would leave no stone unturned to stay in power and might at least through its surrogates – if not through its own constitutional or unconstitutional option.

Behold the certain joys of elections: Not only millions but billions of pesos will flood the regions down to the barangay level in terms of cold cash dole outs, charitable programs. Grants and gifts plus food and drinks, will be the order of the days. Needless to say, all these extraordinary but timely favors go gar and near, courtesy of the national and local political candidates who are rather very generous during election time. As customary, there will be not only many and noisy political rallies infallibly coupled with the standard stage shows – plus ecstatic if not delirious long-winded self-selling speeches by the candidates themselves promising heaven and earth if elected.

And here are but some woes of elections: There will be the usual proliferation of guns and goons – courtesy of the standard private armies of political candidates harbouring greed for power and avarice for wealth at all costs. Herewith come the politically motivated murders if not massacres, fatal threats, burnings of this and that. And for one reason or another, these atrocities customarily remain unsolved for decades if not forever. This is not to mention the predictable election cheatings and misrepresentations in one way of another – with or without the so called “fully automated” elections.

It is for these reasons that after so many elections in the country, the kind of government and the lot of people basically remain the same. The government continues to be manned by one too many cheats and thieves, liars and misfits. The people by and large also continue to suffer from poverty and want, from inescapable more and more taxes in exchange for less and less public services. Oh yes, the poor and the hungry stage rallies here and there. But with the present political dynasties with their respective political maneuvers, the Philippines non-enviable over-all situation remains substantially the same.

As usual: Such is life! But should it be so?

7 September 2009