Monday, August 03, 2009

state of the national administration

Now it can be said loud and clear. After no less than nine SONA delivered with the usual pomp and pageantry by the Palace occupant, it is rather evident that the total glorious and heavenly picture of the state of the nation thus beautifully painted with impressive bold strokes plus unexpected details, does not in fact say nor show the pitiful and lamentable Philippine reality on the ground. In other words, surrounded by palatial ambiance, having continuous adulating if not adoring company, wallowing in cloud 9 thoughts and wherefore breathing clean air, it becomes quite understandable that the same Malacanang nine-year-long inhabitant displayed jewelries, wore exquisite clothe and spoke nice sounding words about—all of which however were so far and detached from the dirty realities and dire facts which many deprived people have been living with and patiently bearing.

Such a phenomenon well explains the two following simultaneous yet much contrasting events during the recently held SONA – something which the previous one-to-many SONA delivered before already showed: On one hand, there were the overwhelming loud cheers and long applauses with the well cleaned, much flowered and duly perfumed Hall of Congress. On the other hand, there were the wet and hungry, shouting and angry people outside of Congress, bringing insulting placards and denouncing flags, bearing the cold rains and trying hard to burn horrible looking effigies of precisely the one claiming with much pride and certainty, that the local economy was great, that the Country was much blessed, and that the people should wherefore rejoice and be grateful for.

Just for the record, if it is true that the local economy is so good and promising, if the Country enjoys development and abundance, how does the palace by the sky explain the following well known on the ground hard-hitting facts: The continuous and even surreptitious exit of Filipinos simply to find work abroad, all dangers thereto appended notwithstanding? The proliferation of beggars in the City streets, the avid searches of anything edible , usable or sellable from garbage dumps. The families living under bridges, in push carts and in the streets. The very long cues for little rice, for medical services, for anything free. This is not to mention the lower and lower and lower regard for the national leadership.

The State of the National Administration (SONA) is jarred by its high self-regard vis-à-vis the downright misery of the general public, undermined by its ubiquitous corruption and callous deceit productive of the poverty and misery of the people. Worse, with so much taxes collected from the new born babies to the helpless elderly plus so big local and foreign debts obtained such that the yet unborn Filipino is already deeply indebted. This is unconscionable – to say the least.

Meantime, the times ahead are anything but certain and comforting. It has come to a point that the following dreadful words are already openly said here and there, heard every now and then: “Term Extension”, “Revolution”, “Martial Law” and similar questionable expressions.

+OVCruz, DD
August 3, 2009