Monday, August 31, 2009

seven capital sins

In general, the reality of sin in terms of doing what is forbidden by God or omitting what He precisely ordains to be done. The following insights are but elementary knowledge among Christians: One, sin is ultimately a slap, an insult if not a rejection of God by the sinner. And the more monstrous the sin is, the more vicious is the sin, the more monstrous is the sinner and the more despised is the Good Lord. Two, sin has infallibly two basic targets of delinquency, viz., the divinity of God and/or the dignity of man. There is really no sin, private or public, personal or official, that is altogether irrelevant to majesty of God and/or the good of man. Three, sin has certain categories according to their nature, gravity and/or consequences. This brings to fore the inherent evil of “Capital Sins”, i.e. everyone of them readily engenders other sins or brings about a concatenation of other offenses against what God commands and/or what man is entitled to.

Based on standing divine revelation plus long serious human reflection, any brief or short, simple or elaborate Catechism categorically and distinctly lists the following “Seven Capital Sins”: Pride. Avarice. Envy. Anger. Lust. Gluttony. Sloth.

Plainly and briefly, pride is the thought, feeling and conviction that someone is such a special person that everybody and everything else are subject or subordinated thereto. Avarice is unending or insatiable greed for wealth, for power and any thing else that goes therewith. Envy is dejection at the good fortune of others, and as a consequence, the desire and design to have the same or much more of it. Anger is either a manifestation of erratic outrage and/or a deep-seated feeling or repulsion towards a perceived enemy. Lust is an immoderate or even irrational craving for the pleasure of the flesh that brings down persons to the level of animals. Gluttony is excessive eating and drinking without thought of one’s well-being, and without concern for others in need. Sloth is distinctive indolence, customary idleness, a loafer syndrome, a dependent incarnate.

Considering that politics in the Country has been converted to the art of deception, to the science of exploitation and a system of manipulation, and attending to the fact that the politicians are once again making noise in view of the expected May 2010 National Elections, it might be neither irrelevant nor impractical to do the following: First, let people examine their own individual conscience in order to know, be sorry for and make amends in case some if not many of them are in fact guilty of one or more of the “Seven Capital Sins”. Second, let people take a good look at the candidates for election, identify those who appear guilty of one or more of these Sins, and decidedly vote for those who seem free from all of the Seven. Third, let them know that otherwise, they would have no reason to complain that the political candidates they elected into office subsequently prove to be their own curse and malediction. As usually said: “Walang sisihan!”

+OVCruz, DD
August 31, 2009