Wednesday, August 05, 2009

new national religion

Listen to people, tune in to radio stations, read the daily papers – and you come to realize slowly but surely that a New National Religion has progressively developed in this Country. You hear it spoken about in the marketplace. You notice it discussed in public and private offices. You become aware of it when not only the adult but also the young talk about it. In other words, there has come to fore surreptitiously, a New National Religion in the Philippines – courtesy specially of the majority of public officials particularly so in this present some nine-year-old government. The truth is that the higher in ranking these individuals are in the government hierarchy, the more effective they are in propagating this new creed which they subscribe with pride and delight.

There was a time when the tenets and practices of this new national belief were but said and done with certain secrecy and some shame even. Its followers were then few and far between. Its propagators preached and taught its new tenets in but whispers, shadowy places and little corners. Today however, their discretion and prudence – so to speak - have been progressively changed to recklessness and extravagance. In other words, the incumbent authorities, the official subordinates and constituent followers of this. New National Religion, proudly subscribes and openly promotes its doctrinal posits and faithful observances. In effect, not few people in business and industry, in the professions and the academe included, have began to be converts to this new national faith in the Philippines.

To be more concrete and clear, it is but fitting to hereunder expressly and categorically commit into writing the official Ten Mandates of this New National Religion – even if only to formally alert and update the general public about its operative existence in the Country:

1st. Thou shall engage in graft and corruption as much as thou can.
2nd. Thou shall worship wealth and power.
3rd. Thou shall steal, cheat and lie.
4th. Thou shall use bombs, grenades and guns for which they are made.
5th. Thou shall not mind human lives, human dignity and human rights.
6th. Thou shall kill, butcher or waste individuals when convenient.
7th Thou shall use and abuse the poor and helpless for thy own good.
8th. Thou shall not bother about the rule of law as thou are above it.
9th. Thou shall commit adultery as often as it pleases thee.
10th. Thou shall remain callous and shameless.

The truth is that the New National Religion with its superb tempting and enticing ten fundamental imperatives has taken deep roots particularly during this almost decade old government amorality and nonchalance – specially so on account of its enduring demonstration of calm and cool in the face of strong public dissent, distrust and disgust. All truly decent, honorable and upright Filipinos will have to wait for some time for this New National Religion to eventually fold up upon the coming specially of a morally healthier and ethically better national government. Amen.

+OVCruz, DD
August 5, 2009