Monday, August 10, 2009

moral contrast

One of the rational and valid questions asked on the occasion of the phenomenal funeral rites of the former President Corazon Aquino personally attended by some 300 thousand of Filipinos and closely watched by millions through it extensive TV coverage, is precisely that – in terms of a composite interrogatory: What made such a big number of people join it? How come so many Filipinos from all walks of life were drawn to it? Why was such a huge crowd of individuals from all age brackets bravely and patiently witnessed event that caught even the attention of major foreign media? Why? Why? Why?

The rains and the winds came and went, but the mourners stood the ground, unmindful of the inconvenience nature brought about. There was a little food and drink available, but the sympathizers stayed on, not minding their hunger and thirst. It took almost half a day for the funeral procession to reach the cemetery, but so many tirelessly followed it or patiently waited to see it pass them by. The yellow shirts, yellow flags and yellow ribbons were proudly worn, waved and tied around anything possible, respectively. The loud and continuous shouts of “Cory! Cory! Cory! were heard from morning to evening. Innumerable of the “Laban” hand signs were decidedly, proudly and tirelessly made from morning to evening of the burial day.

The fact is that before and after the former President was laid to rest, voices from the different sectors of Philippine society were already raised and heard to the effect: Proclaim her as a national hero! Build her fitting monuments all over the land! Place her image together with Ninoy Aquino in the 500 peso bill! As if such extensive public admiration and intense popular appreciation were not enough, there were also fervent sentiments raised to present her case to the Vatican for Sainthood!

Question: Why was such a combined strong inspiration felt and fervent aspirations made on the occasion of the sickness, death and burial of the former President? Answer: Because of the commonly perceived radical moral contrast between the lowly lady President who humbly passed on to a better life and the now many questions asked and the many answers given. But the basic question and the basic answer are the above – most probably.

In the last analysis, the “Cory Magic” finds its root cause in the now tragic lot of the Filipinos under to already too long rule of the present administration. This is not to say in any way that the dear and endearing “President Cory” had no merits of her own. This is simply stating the obvious that the demerits of the incumbent national leadership are seen and felt as so many in number and so much in gravity that the credits of a Predecessor are thereby rightfully well remembered and much treasured.

+OVCruz, DD
August 10, 2009