Wednesday, August 26, 2009

end of the world: 2012 A.C.

21 December 2012: This is the “End of the World” according to the Maya Calendar when this is calculated and translated according to the Gregorian calendar which is followed or observed practically by the whole civilized world. Such is the prediction that is specifically recorded and clearly worded that most of the experts in Maya history, culture and tradition, do not simply know but also stand in full agreement – with but certain incidental differences. What is astonishing in all the Maya readings is that in some of them at least, not only the year and the date are indicated, but also the exact time as well, viz., 12:00 noon!

In the official teaching of the Church according to no less than what the Lord Jesus Christ Himself said, the three following stipulations are considered definite and defined: First, that the world being but a temporal reality, cannot but have its ultimate end. Second, that while the end of the world is a certainty, no one however but His Father really knows when it will take place. Third that wherefore, when anybody else dares predict the time when the world will end, the same is a false message and thus unacceptable and untenable.

In the course of human history, there were individuals or groups of people who proclaimed the end of the world in many different dates or times. And the predicted times and dates predictably passed by, and the world remained still. The truth is that those who made the predictions themselves died, and the world stood by even after they were long gone therefrom. It is practically a certainty that there will be other persons – specially over-zealous religious leaders of this end and that denomination – who will likewise prophesy the end of the world sooner or later. As the Church repeatedly witnessed it in the course of time, all such prophecies ultimately proved false.

The Church has been a witnesses to many such foretelling of the end of the world for more than the past two thousand years. And time simply went on and continues to go on – with the world thereby remaining whole and intact. That is why as far as the Church is concerned, she calmly says without arrogance, with great calm and sincerity, that after 21 December 2012, what comes next is nothing else but 22 December 2012. Even in this Country, every now and then there comes someone telling anybody and everybody the end of the world is coming. And as such as the sun rises and sets down, the time comes to pass, and the world remains as it has always been - still whole and intact.

If Christ is a Divine Person as He certainly is, if Christ is thereby infallible as He truly is, then it is an absolute truth that nobody and no one at all knows when and how about the end of the world will be – except His heavenly Father. Conclusion: Anyone who in any way or at any time claims to know when the world will end or fold up, is either unfortunately delusional and thus faultless, or maliciously deceptive for personal motives or interests, and wherefore guilty of fraud.

And that’s it!

+OVCruz, DD
August 26, 2009