Friday, August 07, 2009

Criminal Industry

Dissenters are unceremoniously murdered, independently of what the law provides. Mere suspects are immediately eliminated against all dictates of even elementary decency. Not only is human life considered cheap for the helpless, but human dignity is only revered in favor of the powerful, while human rights are recognized merely among the rich and wherefore influential.

The Country has fast become the haven of illegal drug trade. There are both big and small drug lords in practically all the regions of the Philippines. The drug peddlers have become certainly more – not only in number but also in their respective districts of operation. This is not even making mention of the drug markets (“tiangge”) here and there that refuse to fold up. Meantime, dangerous drug addicts are found among all sectors of society, among all age brackets of the population. Their innocent victims as well infallibly become more not only in number but also in gravity.

Kidnappings and carnappings go on as a matter of fact. Bank robberies are not rare events, while snatching of even teller machines already takes place. Hold-ups in the streets, in jeeps and buses are no more news. Houses are either calmly or forcibly entered into the robbed to the burglars’ delight. So called “impregnable” buildings ultimately prove vulnerable specially to insiders. To lose things here and there is the rule, but to have things returned to their rightful owner – this is truly a rare exception.

Women are violated. Boys and girls are damaged. While rapists and pedophiles are usually strangers, women, the truth is boys and girls at times are not safe even among their elders, and even in their homes. Meantime, these dangerous and at times even serial sex offenders whose rapacious existence continuous to thrive for one reason or another, are certainly not only local in origin but also, and more shamefully so, foreigners allowed not only to enter but also to stay in the Country.

Needless to say, there is already a growing criminal industry in the Islands. The criminals appear to be all over the land, and crimes seem to be the order of every day. The conclusions seem to be obvious: First: The Chief Law Enforcement Officer in the land signs a good number of anti-criminal bills in general, shouts many anti-criminal orders and even proudly assumes this and that anti-criminal title. Conclusion: The criminal industry is one big living and thriving reality. Second: The police authorities, the intelligence officers plus this and that law and order agency are becoming more in number, knowledge and training, and assigned also to ore and more places. Conclusion: Something must be basically wrong in the law and order manpower and operation. Third, many criminals are caught yet many too go free and happy. Conclusion: The Country must have a great dysfunctional justice system.

Meantime, the citizens have to rely on their own anti-criminal means and recourses. The people have to defend their own selves, homes and resources. The parents have to protect their own sons and daughters. Until when? Until a better Chief Law Enforcement Officer comes to fore!

+OVCruz, DD
August 7, 2009