Monday, August 17, 2009

as the AFP suffer and weep

They become soldiers for little and live as soldiers with little. They are sent to places where there is little to enjoy and little means to communicate with their families. They live in camps where there are but little facilities and little as well to divert themselves with. More.

They are made ready for battle with poor clothing and few equipments. Their weapons are mostly old, their provisions are meager. They are sent to the battle fields where they hit the dirt and endure the heat, the cold and everything else that go with the mortal venture. They eat poorly, breathe heavily, live with uncertainty. More.

They are shot, hurt, disabled, killed, mutilated. Those who survive go back to their lonely camps or to their humble homes with haunting memories or traumatic experience. Those who died are taken by their comrades when found, brought back to their respective armed forces, placed in simple coffins and flown to be buried in their assigned cemeteries. More.

They are given some paper citations or metal medals for they become disabled or when they die. Envelopes with some pesos are handed to them when they are bedridden, or to their families when they are deed. When still alive, they are customarily congratulated by their superiors and peers. When they are dead, they get the standard military rites. More.

Yet, in poverty they live, in misery they die. What they eat is little when still counted among the living. And what their families get is meager when they are killed and even dismembered. In life, they do not enjoy abundance. In death, their families still remain poor. While alive, they suffer in want. When dead, neither do their families enjoy abundance. Thus it is that the AFP suffer and weep…

Their Commander-in-Chief flies around the world many times over, in great comfort and with much class. Big fine looking planes are usually chartered with the best seats and services accorded to the same and the latter’s faithful followers. They reside in the best hotels abroad and eat at the best restaurants available. Recently, it was revealed how much more than a million pesos were spent just for their fine dining and good wining broad. Only the best of the best reserved for the rich and the famous are acceptable to the AFP Commander-in-Chief plus close friends.

Would that the Filipino soldiers do not know where their Supreme Head goes, what this does, how this lives and how much this spends. And how much this now has in assets.

+OVCruz, DD
August 17, 2009