Friday, August 28, 2009

art of lying

Given the many gross predicaments that the ruling administration has been repeatedly twisting about due to one fatal lie after another, it attempts to sell to the general public with futility, and considering that the gloriously reigning boss-chief becomes more and more despised and depreciated specially on account of more recent profligate foreign spending as if there were no tomorrow, perhaps – just perhaps – the same supreme ruler plus the well chosen coterie should be advised on the “Art of Lying”.

Frankly, there is no intention here to insult much less belittle the expertise in drawing impressive plans, making great programs and doing grand projects on the part of the visionary national leadership and submissive subordinates for their own eventual adulation by the people. In other words, this short and practical thesis on the “Art of Lying” is but an honest and admitted small contribution to hopefully make the lying syndrome of the present government, less coarse and thus more refined – and somehow credible if such were at all possible.

It is not a secret that more often than not, Malacanang in its different titles as National Presider, Chief-in-Command and self-appointed Czar of this and that agenda, has been repeatedly caught with the latter’s hand proverbially “caught in the cookie jar” – and frequently so since that proverbial and dramatic line “I am sorry.” This is why it can be said with sincerity and concern that if it but good and proper that the same distinct public official – with its dwindling yet still remaining allies – know or review the three simple but key principles of the “Art of Lying”:

First: See to it that every big lie is well prepared before it is actually told, by making certain that all the rah-rah boys and girls are first told to sing the same lying song with the same lying tune. This way, while a lie is told, this at least is said with a semblance of rhyme and reason.

Second: Fabricate as soon as possible, all false but needed documents, receipts, pictures and similar false proofs to verify the lie, to make this stand for truth by all means and at all cost, no matter how devious this be, considering that extremes are said to respect no rule.

Third: Lie no more.

Hence, specifically in conjunction with one recent big lie that refuses to die: Please do not expensively fly high in cloud 9 when many people live miserably in garbage dumps and under bridges. Do not luxuriously dine and wine when many men, women and children have practically nothing to eat. Do not waste the taxes that citizens dutifully pay from birth to death, with hard toil and much sweat. Please!

+OVCruz, DD
August 28, 2009