Wednesday, July 29, 2009


More often than not, a good majority of Filipinos find it so hard to believe not only the official statements but also the informal talks of the ruling administration. The fact is definitely not because the people are either by nature incredulous nor by habit distrusting. The reality is that since the highest ranking executive in land took the reign of government – illegally or validly – the latter’s rather long list of downright falsity and pure deception has been perceived and noted by thinking persons, by sensible individuals and by common tao in general – practically all over the Country. Needless to say, herefrom are excluded the well remunerated and favored members of the big Malacanang bureaucracy when they act and talk in public. But when they are by themselves with their trusted friends and/or in the privacy of their homes with their close relatives, it is a big probability that they act rightly and say the truth.

To this writing, it is not a secret that there are three key agenda – call them simple wishes, urgent pleas or loud demands even – that angry individuals, impatient groups and ardent movements have been long since asking the Malacanang Chief occupant to seriously consider and ultimately decide on them once and for all, in favor of the people’s rightful expectation. This way, the popular restlessness and common resentment could be neutralized such that the Country as a whole could also move forward at last – after some nine long years – with or without the SONA this and SONA that in conjunction with the three following popular longings which after all, are all according to law.

One: That there will be no Constituent Assembly.

Considering that the House of Representatives has progressively become a much depreciated and well suspect ranch of government, it stands to elementary reason that it should not be trusted with Charter Change through a Constituent assembly.

Two: That there will be elections in 2010.

Would that even but once in their lives, Filipino voters will not only be able to cast their ballots in May 2010, but also experience a really honest, orderly, peaceful and credible elections – irrespective of whether the election is automated, manual or hybrid.

Three: That the present Big Chief in the land will step down thereafter.

Considering that the Chief of all chiefs in the Country is about to complete not only six years of rule as provided by the Constitution, but about to have nine years of power and might, such is more than enough to demonstrate one’s worth or otherwise.

+OVCruz, DD
July 29, 2009