Wednesday, July 22, 2009

“we, the sovereign Filipino people”

Nothing less than the Preamble itself of the Philippine Constitution and nothing either less than it’s very first line says: “We, the sovereign Filipino people… do ordain and promulgate this Constitution.” It cannot be more definite and defined, more categorical and official that the most basic constitutional provision of the national Charter consist in the declaration that the Filipino people have the sovereignty in this Country. Neither the Executive Department with all its power and might, nor it’s predilects in the Judiciary or beneficiaries in the Legislative Department or all of them combined, hold sovereignty in the Philippines.

Thus it is that the government is of the people or owned by the people, by the people or a making of the people, and for the people or in service to the people.

The ruling administration in particular, is in command of all public funds plus all kinds of huge internal and external credit. It is feared or adored specially by the poor, the weak and the ignorant. It is an expert in graft and corruption. It is known for belittling human lives and trampling upon human rights. It is surrounded by individuals armed to the teeth. It is keeping many ex-generals closed by appointing them in high offices in its different lead agencies. And for all intents and purposes, its highest public official is conveniently treated as someone above the law – and wants it that way forever and ever.

Dictatorship of any kind, authoritarianism in any degree, a despot of any race, color and creed, can neither truly nor may really be the sovereign in a nation – at whose command everybody else trembles, at whose order all others bow or kneel. Such fundamentally erratic system of governance, if not actually inhumanity to man, has in fact happened in the past and still happening in present history. Yet, it is also history that takes ample records that such reincarnations of odious slave drivers eventually have their final ending – usually terrible ending. Meantime, the enslaved people ultimately not simply survive the tyrant but eventually also have their justice and freedom.

Why all oppressors do have infallible terminal reign? The answer has already been said repeatedly, has long since been known to and experienced by the civilized world. Here: Nature is inherently an equalizer. All human beings are created equal – equal before God, equal to one another, equal in the face of truth. If one or more of them become their leaders – this is because majority of the people wants them to be such until the time comes when they want others to take their places. That is why they are called “public servants”, i.e., they lead only in serving the general public, the people in general. Thus stands the essence of the consecrated principle known, accepted and observed by civilized society: Sovereign resides in the people who periodically choose them, house them decently and faithfully pay them as their public servants.

People of the Philippines beware! When your public servants treat you as their serfs or vassals, when they thus use and abuse you, when they pretend, behave and act as if theirs is the sovereignty in the country—take courage! Such is the time when you precisely begin to count their days.

+OVCruz, DD
July 22, 2009