Monday, July 13, 2009

“…the truth shall set you free.” (John 8:31)

To say it bluntly and clearly, let no one dare fool around with the words of the Lord Jesus Himself. Let certain infamous characters think twice or even more when decidedly opting to tell lies instead of simply saying the truth, deliberately declaring falsity as a despicable substitute for reality. All these eventually mean soiling their good name with putrid mud, throwing their honor to rotten garbage. Intending to ignore, pretending not to know or to forget the above quoted universal teaching with divine origin and big human relevance is the height of arrogance if not the summit of idiocy. The fact is that even the unlettered have the built-in natural disposition to tell the truth. This is precisely the operative principle of Lie-Detector Test.

Depending on one’s personal attitude and disposition, telling the truth is but a logical self-liberating fact premised on a clean conscience or repentant self. On the other hand, telling a lie is an escapist resource to cover-up one’s misdeed, guilt or falsity. Liars and their kind conveniently forget that a lie demands another lie to buoy it up, and some more lies even to make all previous lies somehow stand. Meantime, the liar weaves a long litany of even more lies enough to muzzle his or her mouth, to restrain or even hang him or herself with. It is said that a liar must have an extra good memory to remember the lies the pitiful individual already said – less even but a single truth said makes the high stocked lies crumble ridiculously flat on the firm and solid ground of truth.

The Word of God is either the salvation or the damnation of men and women – not only hereafter and beyond but also here and now. Both here and hereafter, the following are sound and solid realities: As truth liberates, lies damns. As the truthful stands straight and firm before anyone, the deceitful bears false smiles and sly behavior before all. Even those who make lying their expertise may appear calm in public, he however turns in bed when it is dark and silent all over. But whatever these liars incarnate think and feel, they cannot in any way change even an iota of the divine dictum that truth brings moral freedom – and psychological slavery infallible comes with lying.

Veracity, integrity, reliability and other admirable behavioral traits affined with truthfulness are precious virtues whereby those who put them into practice, are the pride of their families and friends, the treasure of their community and the blessing of their Country. This reality finds singular merit and immense value in the dark and even still darkening Philippine socio-political situation – brought about specially those in tenure of public office from top to bottom of the government hierarchy. The reason is neither hard to know nor difficult to accept. Cheating and lying, fraud and deception, falsity and duplicity – these are the odious already habitual actuation of many politicos who are downright “trapos” and wherefore all “persona non grata”. No wonder then they are looked down upon with legitimate ire and understandable repulsion.

+OVCruz, DD
July 13, 2009