Friday, July 10, 2009


There are certain precious truths that are so basic and practical that even young children and unschooled adults feel and know as a matter of course in their day to day living. The same can be said about some simple and elementary invaluable personality traits of individuals that are readily perceived, known and accordingly appreciated upon by the common tao. These dear truth and endearing traits not only spell the integrity and dignity of the individuals whereto they are appended, but also make others who fortunately know them, feel some elation in being acquainted with them. In other words, naturally upright, ethically correct and morally sound individuals are not only gems unto themselves, but also big blessings to their families, their communities, their Country as well.

Such is precisely the case of individuals who command trust and thus invite belief and wherefore generate the respect of everybody else who know him or her near or afar, who relate with or her directly or indirectly. In short, when someone is trusted in his or her actuations, the same is logically believed in his or her words and thereby respected as a person. The following are thus incongruous tripods: Trust-disbelief-disrespect. Distrust-Belief-Respect. Trust-Disbelief-Respect. Only when someone is trusted, does the same merit belief and get respect.

It will be superfluous to say that while anybody and everybody should be trustworthy, credible and respectable, these attributions are mandatory to have and to hold specially on the part of those holding public offices and pursuant leadership positions. This in fact becomes even more imperative for someone holding no less than the highest office in government – particularly so when governance is democratic. It wherefore stands to reason that for a trusted, believed and respected government official, any tenure of authority is too short – but for someone distrusted, disbelieved, disrespected, one day is already too long for the same day in office.

This is exactly why the now gloriously reigning supreme administrator, Chief-in-Command and Czar even is all wet, so to speak, as the same drowns in distrust, stands covered by disbelief and gets much disrespect. Let be herein expressly said that the starring character in the long on-going disturbing and frustrating socio-political drama in the Philippines is definitely not caused by the Filipinos in general. Instead, rightly or wrongly, they find it morally impossible to trust, believe and respect their supposedly highest public servant in the land – on account precisely of her self-appended glaring deceit and crude deviousness. This is saying clearly and candidly: The character concerned caused the lost popular trust, belief and respect! That is why when the latter’s loyal subordinates say otherwise, they appear as defenders coming from the distant moon if not from the high mountain tops.

+OVCruz, DD
July 10, 2009