Friday, July 17, 2009

“sanctuary , inc.”

These are indeed trying times. There is disorder with the law. The corrupt are in power. The grafters are in command. The public officials serve themselves. The many of their supposedly well paid protectors are the very ones precisely who victimize them. The gambling syndicates and drug lords call the shots. The criminals are safe and rewarded. The good people are disgusted but afraid. Woe to them if they name names in the hall of infamy.They then live in danger of harassment if not forced disappearances. Their present is uncertain and their future is unpredictable. Meantime, the wheels of injustice rolls on against them in practically all parts of the Country.

Such is the big and sad predicament of the so called “Whistle Blowers” in the Philippines scenery. These are few and distinct individuals who came to know of huge misdeeds, who could no longer keep quiet about such sordid anomalies, and who eventually gathered the courage to tell it all. These are the rather few men and women who thereafter have become even the victims of grave threats 24 hours a day, seven days a week, wherever they happen to be. It is bad enough that they suffer from lack of freedom of movement plus lack of standard livelihood. They are even the ones against whom civil and criminal cases are filed by the powerful and influential characters in government. If such is not bad enough, even their own families are made to face continuous danger.

Surveillance, harassments and threats – these constitute their daily bread, so to speak. They are always in the defensive mode. They are continuously made to feel that they should shut up, keep out of the way, if not disappear altogether. Reason: Hopefully, the big-time criminals in government and the major syndicates in the Country, could breathe easier and enjoy life more. But fortunately for the general public who only want to have honest public officials and upright neighbors and thereby live in peace and order, these now well known “Whistle Blowers” are not giving up. They live in constant peril, so be it. They barely make both ends meet, let it be. They are in habitual hiding, that it is.

But there is good news – a little good news. These few and singular men and women recently came up with a little but good plan – with some help from those who know their difficult life, who understand their predicament. They came up with a modest but appropriate project which they called “Sanctuary, Inc.” Translation: This is a little modest place somehow unknown in direction and wherefore also somehow safe for them to go to when the wheels of injustice seek to run them over. With fond hope and much prayers, would that they survive the almighty ruling administration, whose eminent members they have charged with likewise eminent graft and corrupt practices – through their clear, concrete and long formally sworn too testimonies before the Senate.

“Whistle Blowers” – MABUHAY!

+OVCruz, DD
July 17, 2009