Friday, July 03, 2009

poor charter

“The system clearly needs fundamental change, and the sooner the better. It’s time to start the great debate on Charter Change. I shall work with Congress, civil society groups and local government executives who are convinced that Charter changes are needed to enable the country to surmount the unprecedented challenge of the 21st century.” (SONA 2005)

Poor Charter! When the Country abounds with supposedly public servants from the national to the local levels of government, but who in fact elected themselves by well paid notorious minions, not to mention the employ of goons and the hiring of guns, whose basic fault is it? When the Philippines has much more than enough unfit and incompetent public officials, what is the fundamental cause? Answer: The Charter!

Poor Charter! When the Land is more often than not, identified with graft and corrupt practices unlimited in all branches of government specially so in the Executive Department, what should be definitely blamed? When the public coffer is continuously raided by shameless government officials, when public funds are unceremoniously pocketed, where is the radical culpability? Answer: The Charter!

Poor Charter! When the Philippines from a developing Country has progressively emerged into an undeveloped one particularly in the last decade, notwithstanding the much proclaimed glorious vision of “Super-Regions”, what has been the big impediment all along? When millions of Filipinos have to leave their families behind in order to make them live, where lies the guilt? Answer: The Charter!

Poor Charter! When the Country is not only beset with poverty and want, deficient in education and health care, wanting in food and housing, what is really wrong? When sickness in common but medicine is costly, when basic commodities cost so much and money in people’s pockets is so little, where should rebuked be squarely reposed? Answer: The Charter!

Poor Charter! When there is so much injustice in Philippine society with the poor and helpless ones as predictable and constant victims, and with the rich and powerful as devious personalities above the law, what should be censured? When there is bitter resentment and profound dissent due to violation of human rights and on account of extrajudicial killings, what should be changed? Answer: The Charter!

Poor Philippine Constitution! It is never right but instead always wrong! When things are going well, the reigning government takes all the credit and seeks all the applause. But when the going gets tough, the tough goes flying abroad and the Constitution is the culprit. With Charter Change, the government will be a holy institution, public officials will be saints! Change the Charter and the Philippines will be paradise, the Filipinos will be blessed, happy and have permanent smiles on their faces.

+OVCruz, DD
July 3, 2009