Wednesday, July 15, 2009


To cut, to tear or to incise, to lacerate, to open up or to butcher even, to open in order to insert into or to remove something from the human body – this is mutilation as commonly understood and herein relevant. These different ways of tinkering with the human body had held the attention, wonder and curiosity of the whole Country – so it seems- in conjunction with seemingly sensational phenomena. This is neither really about the light matter of using this or that cream, cleansing oneself with this or that soap, nor about eating or drinking this or that potion for someone to supposedly become thinner, whiter, lovelier or something the like.

This is the phenomenon of a rather already long standing of downright mutilation of the human body supposedly for beautification purposes, for a more attractive figure or the like. It is of long public knowledge that aesthetic surgery or something similar has brought about a flourishing business among multinational pharmaceuticals together with the so called cosmetic surgeons. Their supposed beneficiaries who are in fact the victims, are usually moneyed women who harbor either dissatisfaction or disgust with their physical looks. They feel too fat or too thin here. They see themselves as to bulky there or flat somewhere. They behold their eyes are too big or small. They consider their noses as too wide or too short.

Supposedly secret resources or confidential remedial actions taken by these usually moneyed women, popular personalities or beauty exhibits are usually the following: Make their chosen mutilating surgeons remove from or add something to this or that part of their body – their eyes, lips and/or cheeks, their chest, hips, butts and/or whatever is rather imprudent or immodest here to mention. The operative principle here is mutilation for beautification purposes, at the very bottom of which is human vanity – notwithstanding all possibly different rational and seemingly heartbreaking arguments to the contrary.

Mutilation for physiological cure, health improvement or sickness prevention and the similar invasive surgical intervention such as to restore damaged facial appearance or to repair certain in-born physical distortions – all these are all in accord with the natural obligation to preserve or restore standard health and/or acceptable looks. It is in this field of medical – curative and remedial – science that scientific advances are not only truly necessary but also really admirable and precious.

By the way, let it be clearly said and well noted that physical integrity is the rule of nature and the protégée of sound ethical system. This makes mutilation for downright levity, for sheer vanity and specially so for erratic purposes, not only objectively censurable but also dangerous to health. Reason: Chemical implants, plastic insertions, synthetic additions, silicon gel, the same with mechanized suctions, artificial removals, additions and the like –all these can have serious ill-effects on persons with unsound or weak gnomes. The winners: The Pharmaceuticals and the cosmetic surgeons! The losers: The subjects of mutilation.

+OVCruz, DD
July 15, 2009