Wednesday, July 01, 2009

just thinking

Time and again, without any malice meant nor any offense intended, there are questions raised here and there, every now and then, to the effect: Why not the FG as a “Presidentiable” for 2010? While certain eyebrows may be raised by such a thought, the idea is not without its practical merit before the forum of law as there is no legal impediment – constitutional or otherwise – to such a venture. And in the sphere of partisan politics, the same insight has all conceivable merits – for many practical reasons:

One: Malacanang and its political allies seem to be at a lost whom to field as their presidential candidate for 2010, who will not only be “winnable” but also assure them of his fidelity and pursuant attention thereto.

Two: Even such the highest national public office, campaign funds will be more than enough from many sources, be these local, provincial and/or regional in scope and potentials.

Three: The political machinery in all levels of the spectrum is well in place from the national down to the barangay plane, all ready and willing to walk the talk, to assume and do the assiduous campaign work.

Four: The Candidate already knows what a President means, what the Office usually does, who are regularly met and called, how the Office holder lives and what living in Malacanang entails.

Five: There is the assurance that political authority is kept within the family circle, specially so in terms of promoting its concerns and defending it from any possible accusations of many kinds after 2010.

Six: It is not exactly unheard or much less unrealized that members and/or close relatives of one and the same family, take the place of one after the other in the same political Office, one election after another.

Seven: Philippine politics as of now lived and practiced, ordinarily has no room for superfluous decorum outmoded delicacy or over-sensitive propriety, under eventual penalty of lost opportunities and consequent repentance.

One thing is certain, i.e., those thus thinking should approach the private person concerned even if only to know whether their thoughts as above expressed, have any hope at all of being a reality, if their ideas have any merit of being duly considered. There is nothing like sincerity and candor in this particular matter which is thus presented with no ill-will towards none, and specially so with but honest and good thoughts towards all concerned in this distinct political possibility. As above said: “Just thinking.”

+OVCruz, DD
July 1, 2009