Wednesday, July 08, 2009

commendable. admirable. notable

On account of his commonly perceived detestable value system and distinctly learned errant behavioral pattern, the governed decidedly moved against their governor. In due time, he eventually felt that it was time for him to leave Malacanang. So he peacefully took a boat ride by the Pasig river and silently went home. The event was seen as a great victory of the people in general. The people wherefore felt they had all the reason to rejoice much, to celebrate with glee, to jump for joy. And they did so in many streets, in different parks, in their respective neighborhoods – practically all over the land.

The truth of the matter is that the people then was by and large only focused on the one they sent away – based on what they knew and sensed about him. They were not that acquainted much less very knowledgeable about the one who would take his place as a constitutional successor. People then sincerely thought that they knew enough about his unacceptable action and reaction patterns – without however really knowing the dubious person, the questionable value system and the eventually devious designs of his successor in office, his replacement in government, and his successor in Malacanang as its chief resident.

But considering that what was done can no longer be undone, the people eventually settled down and hoped for the best. They then seemed not only at ease but also in peace with their united action against the done and gone previous holder of the highest public office in the Country. In fact, theirs was in fact a great anticipation of good things to happen and big blessings to come with the incumbency of their beaming and triumphant new President and Commander-in-Chief – plus “Czar” even much later one. Things seemed to have started well – specially so when she delivered her very first State of the Nation Address.

Her SONA key content was truly commendable, really admirable and much notable. She loudly and proudly , clearly and officially proclaimed her “Four Point Agenda” to fight mass poverty: One, to promote free enterprise. Two, to modernize the agricultural sector. Three, to show social bias toward the disadvantage. Four, to have higher moral standard for government and society. The one and only appropriate popular response to such a glorious formal resolve gloriously expressed commitment, could only be “Wow! and “Mabuhay!” – and “Alleluia!” among the born again Christians.

Needless to say, in due time, the popular “Wow!” progressively and definitely became “What?!” Slowly but surely, mass poverty became the standing norm in the Country. Company and family monopolies gradually emerged as the vibrant realities in the land. Social bias towards the wealthy and powerful turned out to be the unyielding principle adopted and the pervasive practice observed specially by high and powerful public officials. The moral standard in government and in society brought about by their vicious examples could not be lower nor more venal in kind and in extent.

Thus it is that now, during these difficult days and trying times, some of the loud and repeated popular cries of the adults and the young as well, in the streets, in parks and in their neighborhoods, addressed to exactly the same supposedly commendable , admirable and notable character, are the following: “Step down!” ”Go away!” Good-bye!”

+OVCruz, DD
July 8, 2009