Monday, June 08, 2009

zero moral authority

If there is one very distinct socio-political liability now firmly appended to the present lead Malacanang resident, it is zero moral authority. And this is not in any way meant to offend the character concerned but merely to state the truth that respects no person or status. While certainly in command of huge public funds, of well armed personnel plus much paid cohorts, all these however in no way can really defend much less truly promote the moral authority of the chief-boss concerned.

The erosion of such honorable attribute began since that sinister day when there was that well known and much remembered foreboding total reversal that the now Malacanang master occupant would categorically and precisely not pursue Malacanang tenancy. When such a welcome public and formal pronouncement was made that aiming for the presidential office was definitely not an option, there was much applause made and heard all over the Country.

Such a positive public reaction should have been more than enough indication that such a stand was the right and proper decision to adopt. But, its exact reversal was made – an astonishing manifestation of personal numbness and official insincerity, a remarkable display of self-adulation over and above public good and national interests. Thus no longer thereafter came forth the “I am sorry!” drama – followed later by an extra-long recitation of one big betrayal of public trust after another.

To have the credibility to be duly believed and heeded, to possess integrity to be properly revered and honored, to maintain honesty to merit real respect and genuine allegiance – this is the essence and meaning of moral authority in so many words. Otherwise, someone who has zero in moral authority has to pay much and continuously for the desired applause, respect and obedience. It takes a lot of gold, goons and guns for anyone with no moral authority to stay in power, to maintain leadership and to continue in effective governance.

The now official and blatant attempt to have a Charter Change through any possible way and means such as the infamous CON-ASS – this is the crowning glory of the dire absence of moral authority on the part of the Palace tenant well decided of being its owner for a lifetime and over if at all possible. How shameful and demeaning for the Palace chorus to continue singing out the tune, emphatically denying what is evident, repeatedly contradicting what is obvious: Someone is salivating for endless possession of power and command as if such were possible. There was once a pair who conjugally ruled and reigned over the Philippines for some 20 long years. Yet this too, ended – remember?

+OVCruz, DD
June 8, 2009