Wednesday, June 03, 2009

transition president

Someone in Malacanang said it loud and clear for everybody else among the members of pal ace family to openly censure and/or vehemently deny – except precisely the one directly concerned and apparently pointed out as the most probable “Transition President.” The messenger is in the know not only about national security matters but also well acquainted with the changed and still changing political situation in the Country – from bad to worse. The message is certainly not merely a wild old women’s gossip but actually a marked tenable option in the light of both the unenviable and untenable predicament of the reigning leadership – considering the depreciation and repugnance it progressively caused among the people, across the years, in practically all regions.

It is definitely not merely incidental that the same Malacanang official furthermore mentioned certain revealing accompaniments of the “Transition President” – such as in terms of “Transition Leaders” who together are meant to address “dysfunctional politics” via categorically a “Charter Change” that inevitably leads to “new election” under an envisioned “new political system.” Whether a well known political figure said it right or otherwise, such composite desiderata are clearly in the realm of an “Indecent Proposal”. This derision however plus all the proper denials accompanied with proper display of irritation from others in the big Malacanang choir, do not in any way cancel not only the possibility but even the probability of such “transitory” phenomena.

For practically a hundred and one reasons, there is this incumbent key national political character who seems incapacitated from subscribing to the saying with realistic fatality that “Enough is enough!” – but instead salivating for the tenure of an almighty earthly office “Forever and ever!” Needless to say, such is the perfect display of greed for power that is supported and promoted by the greed for wealth. The core problem of such a pathetic stance is that in the course of time, the greedy is consumed by the greed, viz., it is precisely the vice of greed that eventually stops the obnoxious person and revolting posture of the greedy one.

Such “transition” option explicitly and publicly proclaimed by no less than a well known and also well capable Palace figure goes properly and conveniently with the following likewise well contemplated scenarios that have been already voiced out before: “No El” and Failure of Elections” and “Emergency Rule” and similar daunting projections. In all these fearsome predictions which are everything but consonant with democratic government, the problem is definitely not caused by the poor and hungry people in the streets but someone too long wallowing in Palace abundance and adulation.

Anyone honest, upright and just cannot but gain the love and admiration of everybody else – except from those immersed in graft and corruption themselves.

+OVCruz, DD
June 3, 2009