Friday, June 12, 2009

“they just lie there and they die there.”

There was this well known and much sung song about a certain “Mona Lisa” who with her comely looks and enigmatic smile was said to have caught the imagination and fantasy of a good number of gentlemen. In fact, it is said that they had many dear and endearing dreams about her which were placed at her very doorstep. But, so very sad to say, “They just lie there and they die there.”

The famous song brings to mind the infamous phenomenon of millions of pitiful Filipinos now reeling in much poverty and great want. Employment they cannot find. Food they do not have enough. Clothing they have few and old ones. Housing they have some but in pushcarts, under the same bridges and certain canal embankments. To their credit however, they refuse to stand down, to give up, to nurture hope for a better future.

Many big promises of development and prosperity were made to them by the gloriously ruling administration. They were made to dream many beautiful dreams of a peaceful present and a bountiful future by the same ever glorious governing national leadership. “Bangkang papel” reaching the unreachable and untouchable Palace by the Pasig. “Super Regions” due to phenomenal development projects therein. “National Broadband” interconnectivity among all the regions of the Country. There are more glorified but vain promises made to the People of the Philippines – promises too depressing to recall and remember.

Thus stand but some of the huge empty promises made by no less than the now also royal commanding “Czar” of this and that futile differing ventures. And there too are the many delightful dreams Filipinos were made to hold on to, year after year – specially on the occasion of one to many national Sona addresses. But just like what the sad song said about the dreams: “They just lie there and they die there.” All these nevertheless notwithstanding, people are still made to dream happy dreams.

And even but for recording in Philippine History, it might be good to continue the expressed mention of certain vacuous promises made plus fanciful dreams caused by the same self-glorifying Boss-In-Chief. Here are some of them of more recent vintage and with far reaching consequences: No Charter Change. No term extension under any guise and pretense. Honest, orderly, peaceful and credible May 2009 automated elections. Any taker of such promises? Any dreamer of such dreams?

Promises are winds. Dreams of drawings. These appear to be the living principles and applied norms of the present government of Malacanang, by Malacanang, for Malacanang. So sad yet so true!

+OVCruz, DD
June 12, 2009