Monday, June 29, 2009

self- invitation

The mastery of self-invitation well learned and frequently practiced by the highest government official in the land is a source of big personal delight plus all the private agenda and perks that go therewith as a matter of course. When someone is much distrusted and disrespected by most of the people in the latter’s own homeland, self-invitation to fly to foreign Countries make great escapism to pursue the feeling of self-importance plus self-glorification as well as self-indulgence as a fringe benefit.

When a powerful individual has acquired demeaning titles of corruption incarnate and egregious failure known and only locally but also in foreign soils, self-invitations to fly to this and that Nation far and near, are not only most desirable but also highly profitable. It is truly sad when someone has no honor in his or her own Country – except when such a paid for and thus grudgingly conferred.

Needless to say, it is diplomatically disastrous for foreign public officials of equal ranking in government to formally extend to the said character their real and honest invitations for official visits – unless there are devious ulterior motives that go therewith. It is wherefore understandable that as reports go, the same subject party are in effect shun by high self-respecting officials – less these be mistaken as cavorting with morally stained and disdained company.

By the way, said self-invitation mastery is most self-fulfilling and greatly self-rewarding as well, under the following truly indulgent circumstances and really blissful factors: One, any and all enormous expenses on such glorifying occasions of foreign travels are readily and fully paid by public funds. Two, the self-invitee thus readily charter planes geared for international flights with ultra-class services on board. Three, in addition to this and that official and personal staff members plus a whole medical team, the one in command of chosen individuals to bring along , thus travel with chosen family members, political as well as financial promoters. Four, the real reasons behind such extravagant excursions to one foreign Country after another are beforehand made known to the millions of tax-payers simply according to what those making the fully paid-for travels want them to know and think about. Five, it has wherefore become most predictable that upon every landing back home, the chief-traveler makes a free-wheeling self-glorifying report of this and that huge economic benefit obtained by every foreign outing made.

Meantime, before and after so many expensive travels and luxurious accommodations totally paid for by the impoverished People of the Philippines, this supposedly land of the morning remains enveloped by thick dark clouds of resentment and dissent – something like a “…volcano about to explode” as someone well known and much appreciated for his wisdom and integrity said on the occasion of the last gloomy “Independence Day”. Would such another socio-political catastrophe do not take place.

+OVCruz, DD
June 29, 2009