Monday, June 01, 2009

malacanang and jueteng

One says the other. The other means one. One and the other are one. This is the well perceived inextricable symbiotic relationship that is more and more alive and vibrant between Malacanang and jueteng – since 2001. Protector and protégée, patron and benefactor, the guard and the guarded – such is felt and said as the long existing mutually convenient and profitable relationship between the national leaders and local jueteng lords. Contrary official verbal statements are not wanting . Neither are great empty gestures not properly made. As customary, national but ceremonial pronouncements are likewise made for this and that solemn occasion. But just the same, their actualization on the ground is but one bad dream after another.

”…stop anything illegal in Pampanga” . Such was the expressed and public command said to have been issued precisely by no one less that the presumed supreme commander of all underling commanders in the Country. Needless to say, there must be at least a hundred and one illegal activities in the Province – as well as in all other provincial commands in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. But as reality expected, the loud and clear command was not only pure air but also even fell in deaf ears of the commander’s well paid and well equipped followers. This is a great example of the most powerful being in effect appears so powerless – for a multi-million and one legal tender issues.

Needless to say, it is before the jueteng syndicates that Malacanang continues to prove its inherent vulnerability and futility. It repeatedly displays not only its regional but also international worth with so many expensive chartered flights to meet one potentate after another. It frequently perorates in getting rid of this and that revolutionary organization and armed groups. And specifically in conjunction with jueteng and concretely with reference to the home province itself of the Malacanang tenant, the place nevertheless retains its degrading title as the “Jueteng Capital” of this otherwise lovely and lovable Country.

During these times, there is something not only interesting but also intriguing that Pampanga itself is a living admiring witness to, viz., the recent many ostentatious visits thereto, the repeated grandiose appearances therein by exactly the same Malacanang occupant. The scene is a midyear Santa Clause bearing many expensive gifts to the Cabalens – gifts that are naturally courtesy of public funds, definitely not of the proud, generous and delighted giver. Would that the basic reason for such one to many personal visits were a secret. Then, there would be a tenable reason to still divine what for are such attentive and liberal appearances.

Meantime, jueteng remains a steadfast, grateful and jubilant company of Malacanang. It is expected that such mutually benevolent and beneficial companionship would understandably become more in degree and in extent as May 2010 comes closer – specially so in the event of national elections.

+OVCruz, DD
June 1, 2009