Wednesday, June 10, 2009

house resolution for house discreditation

Too bad. It’s a pity. But now it can be said. The Lower House of Congress cannot be really so much lower in stature and reputation before the People of the Philippines. House Resolution 1109 stands not only as its big and clear formal ignominy but shall also remain as its gross official disrepute in the annals of its history. Its much calculated yet obviously devious move in favor of Charter Change via its solitary call as a Constituent Assembly, only demonstrates its utter subservience to the Executive Department – apparently for the right price. With such a distinctly base and infamous resolve, the Upper House of Congress en contra thereto now appears standing way up there as it possibly can.

For the record, it is just and proper to note that the constituent members of the depressing talk-of-the town portion of Philippine Congress, are eminently known and accordingly called as “Honorable representatives”, viz., respected legislative delegates of the People of the Philippines. However, during these particularly critical times in the Country it heightened, such distinct title and task are legitimately questioned by definitely not few voices all over the land. Needless to say, those whose integrity and decency are suspect and shady, are those who as a downright administration majority surreptitiously approved the Con-Ass resolution.

Questions: Are they really “Honorable” individuals for precisely making a dishonorable self-serving Con-Ass option? Are they truly “Representatives” of the people who elected them into office, by representing instead the interest of the ruling administration rather than that of their district constituents? Are they genuine legislators by specifically going against the Fundamental Law of the Land? These are neither flippant questions not impertinent observations. If the truth has to be said, this in a nutshell is the living reality: The Philippines has a corrupt administration and majority dysfunctional legislators. Thank God for the Senate and the Supreme Court!

These so called “Honorable Representatives” and legislators better see and behold what they have done to the people and their Country with the notorious HR 1009: The people are more divided. A good part of them are harboring disgust and resentment towards the government. These socio-political adversities explain the loud rallies, the angry marches plus the embittered demonstrations. The Country is being watched by the world, having diminishing business, seeing investments either on hold or in flight. Unrest is not only in Mindanao nor is dissent merely in the armed left – but possibly too in the armed right as well.

It will be good for the incumbent Malacanang chief-in-command to note well and remember much the inherent meaning and implications of having but hirelings aboard in its Pasig carrier. They are the very first ones who abandon their ship fast when they see it slowly sinking!

+OVCruz, DD
June 10, 2009