Monday, June 15, 2009

going yet staying

Even to those who are not professional nor intellectually gifted, it is not hard to understand the basic meaning and immediate implications of the paradox “Going yet staying.” In the context of the obtaining political scenario in the Country – specifically in conjunction with the already too long national reigning ruler. In other words, such is the detestable and thereby disturbing case when someone – like a distinctly persona non grata before the general public – is rightfully expected to leave, eagerly anticipated to depart and disappear. The same character however insists in staying, persists in remaining and decided in holding on. This is when all options are open – right or wrong, legal or illegal – such that any and all human and financial means are used to attempt justifying an evil end.

The phrase is evidently contradictory in substance and implication, both in text and context. But when concretely applied or appended to the Malacanang Chief-in-Command – together with the latter’s good number of detestable tenured minions – apparently mystical meaning of “Going yet staying” becomes quite evident and wherefore elementary. Among other things, it means: One, the end is near but its extension is already placed in sight. Easy! Two, the tenure is being completed so let it begin all over again as a matter of fact. Simple! Three, the office is closing hence keep it open forever if possible. Cool!

To eventually actualized the reality of “Going yet staying”, the ten-point Program appears to be the following : 1st. House Resolution 1109: Protests, rallies, marches. 2nd. Constituent Assembly by the House: Protests, rallies, marches 3rd. Approval of the House Ass-Con by the Supreme Court: Protest, rallies, marches 4th. Declaration of Emergency Rule. 5th.. Submission of the Charter Change for plebiscite by pro-administration local officials to their constituents – under Emergency Rule. 6th. Overwhelming approval of Charter Change – under Emergency Rule. 7th. Transitory government – under emergency rule. 8th. National Elections – under Emergency Rule. 9th. Malacanang occupancy is retained. 10th. Hence: “Gone but still there.” This is atrocious!

Would that all the above ten-point Program as a whole were but the fruit of but a fertile imagination! If so, then there would ample reason for the Filipinos to rejoice. In the same way, the Philippines could be again numbered among nations with a democratic form of government with likewise democratic institutions. This is still a possibility!

Would that there be honest, orderly and peaceful national elections in May 2009. Would that the Voters’ Lists were then cleansed of millions of flying voters plus long dead voters. Would that the expensive automation of elections function as expected. Would that “Garci” and company would be by then a buried and decomposed reality. This is asking too much!

+OVCruz, DD
June 15, 2009