Monday, June 22, 2009


It is good to point out that the word “epic” is used either as a noun or an adjective – with both saying essentially the same : Something is so legendary that it is history or historical, that it is a distinction or distinctive. In other words, the term “epic” brings to mind something extraordinary in nature and wherefore superlative in degree. What is qualitatively “epic” may be markedly virtuous or extravagantly vicious, a singular source of outright pride or downright shame.

In its pejorative sense, “epic” is a qualifying adjective that squarely fits Malacanang in the many devious ways it takes, in the many odious means it uses. Such are the negative thoughts it generates and pejorative facts it forwards that the incumbent administration has acquired not really a few epic degenerate titles as well as epic decadent appellations. The truth of the matter is that never before in Philippine history has a supposedly highest public official in the Country consistently acquired epic popular distrust as well as epic common disgust in a rule of some nine years – and counting.

That is why in these time and age of Philippine politics, well known long since is no longer disturbing fact that a good number of politicians from the national to the local levels are happily living and contently waving the Magna Carta of Dishonesty Unlimited and Untrammeled Deceit. Graft and corruption in almost all branches of government have become a matter of fact – realities so much assumed and expected that their absence would be a miraculous and wherefore unnerving phenomenon.

In other words, it is no longer a question of whether to steal and/or to cheat or not, as even elementary good manners and right conduct readily forward. Rather, the issue is instead what to steal and/or what deception to make. And accompanying these matter-of-fact reality is the well placed policy that the more powerful and influential the thieves and liars are, the more they are exempted from the rule of law. The so called and well known voracious “big fishes” in the wide and deep ocean of graft and corruption in government, are not simply above but also over the justice system.

This brings to mind certain signal disturbing questions, the answers to which are certainly not forthcoming during the rule or reign of the present administration: How come no impeachment case prosper in any way, no matter how more than sufficient it is in form and substance? What happened to the mighty identified Jueteng lords, their duly named powerful protectors and accordingly pointed highly favored beneficiaries? Where are those characters distinctly named and strongly implicated in that infamous broadband deal? Where does the Road User’s Tax go? What happens to unspent appropriations of certain government agencies? Why it is that the government gambling corporations such as Pagcor and PCSO are both directly under Malacanang baton? Is COA really independent, BIR truly dependable? Epic questions. Epic absence of answers.

+OVCruz, DD
June 22, 2009