Friday, June 05, 2009

“divorce planner”

There seems to be nothing better than the thought and pursuit of money for man to become creative, to be imaginative in inventing profitable ventures. Never mind the immoral or even amoral implications of such enterprises. So what if they promote a distorted mentality, a sick value system. Business is business. Money is over and above the sacred and solemn. Money in effect is god just as gold is in fact made divine. Such seemingly “natural” and wherefore “common” posture is precisely what degrades humanity, what destroys society. There is much sense in the saying that “Money is the root of all evil.” Money is good when man uses it – not when it uses man. In the light of right reason, money is a means – not an end.

The greed and pursuant quest for money constitute the powerful motor of such vices as drug peddling, prostitution and the many other predatory endeavors – having men, women and children as their usual ultimate victims. The very well known, standard and even customary huge money making enterprise in the Country is focused on unconscionable enormous graft and corrupt practices with immense and lasting socio-political costs to millions of Filipinos. They are at the very least all indirect tax payers from birth to death yet they wallow in poverty and fall into depression due to unemployment, absence of sufficient social welfare – courtesy of their much self-caring and self-serving government.

In attention to month of June, it is interesting to take notice of the latest money making invention in the person of the so called “Divorce Planner” in apt response to the countless divorces sought and obtained in many foreign lands. The cue is that if there is much sought “Wedding Planner” to start a marriage, there should also be a properly chosen “Divorce Planner” to end the marriage – with the proper fees, of course. The truth is that exactly the same person can be both, i.e., one or the other upon employ by the men and women concerned. It is even said that couples intending to get married with proper arrangements with the service of a “Wedding Planner”, now already have the option to enter into some kind of a contract or agreement to the effect that the same third party in their marriage will also stand as their “Divorce Planner” when the time has come for them to legally untie their conjugal union. How convenient!

Less certain Filipinos complain that having the services of a “Divorce Planner” is not an option for them since there is no divorce in the Philippines, they might want to consider the figure of an “Annulment Planner” – considering that such civil action on marriage has now become but a matter of fact, provided couples have the necessary amount to pay for the Court proceedings. There is the pervasive thinking and practice in the now Philippines that there is no marriage at all that is not “annullable” under the infamous ground of “Psychological Incapacity’ – whatever this means.

Such is the continuous and persistent human predicament: Singularly gifted with use of reason and freewill, these are exactly the faculties they misuse and abuse!

+OVCruz, DD
June 5, 2009