Friday, May 15, 2009

virtues unite. vices divide.

It is quite interesting as well as intriguing to take note of the long standing fact that by and large, the so called “homo sapiens” precisely does not think and act wisely. It appears that his convoluted brain makes him have nothing more than likewise convoluted thought pattern and distorted value system. This is much worst than simply not thinking straight and acting upright – something which is negative in expression and wherefore non-existent in reality. The fact is worst: The proverbial “knowing man” learns what is wrong and consequently acts wrongly as well.

As virtue is the habit of doing what is good and right, vice on the other hand is the opposite attitudinal posture and behavioral pattern in avid pursuit and conquest of what is objectively bad and wrong. In other words, virtue builds while vice destroys, virtue ennobles man while vice demeans him, and that is why virtue unites people as reasonable and acceptable constituents of the same human race. Vice on the other hand, brings about, nurtures and affirms the errant and erratic in people, thus burying these in the quagmire not only of immortality but also of amorality, and wherefore dividing them from the righteous and honorable men and women in society.

How pitiful and sad it is that instead of cultivating and practicing virtues that firmly unify them in truth, justice and peace, there are individuals of same genus of “homo sapiens” who prove to be not only well disposed but also very competent in readily inventing, continuously practicing and effectively promoting vices that eventually hurt and degrade, deface and divide or separate them from the virtuous ones. That is why as virtues enhance human nature and exalt human dignity, voices degenerate men and women, and the young as well – making all these subservient to the call of the flesh, the enticement of wealth, the greed for power. Flesh, wealth and power constitute a dangerous and enslaving tripod for humanity.

Prostitution, pornography, violation of women and children, drugs peddling, alcohol and smoking addictions – these are some eminent examples of vices of the flesh. Corruption unlimited and graft incorporated, the so called “legal” gambling corporation as well as illegal gambling syndicates, smuggling and similar covetous practices – these are glaring vices of avarice for wealth. And as despicable forms of greed for power, there are the well celebrated gross election lying and cheating, the odious “emergency rule” accompanied by the persecution of dissenters, the malediction of extrajudicial killings and curse of involuntary disappearances – not to mention the continuous and consistent resolve for the extension of office at any cost and through any means.

The above examples of vices are not only familiar but also big, living and rampant misfortunes of this Country. Hence, the division between the mighty and the helpless, the opulent and the poor, the opportunists and their victims – plus the separation between the administration and the people.

+OVCruz,, DD
May 15, 2009