Friday, May 29, 2009


In simple words, a scandal is a fact a shameful action – fact or reality, event or incident – that brings disgrace to individuals and shocks public sensibility basically on account of its radically unethical and/ or fundamentally immoral nature and consequences. In other terms, scandal is grave personal discredit, serious disrepute or gross dishonor adversely affecting however public value system, eroding upright common good or undermining principled public welfare. Scandal is synonymous with flagrant individual or corporate misconduct, wrongdoing or debasement with serious social errant impact or social public repercussion.

For the record and for the sake of due recall, nothing less that the Holy Book specifically and clearly says: “ would better for a man to have a large millstone tied around his neck and be drowned in the deep sea that for him to cause scandal…” (Mt. 18:6-7). This is not only a straight forward but also infallible pronouncement from nonetheless than the Good Lord of heaven and earth – who is Himself the Truth, the Way and the Life. With His words, the intrinsic ethical gravity and moral liability of scandal are thus seen in its proper offensive perspective – which are neither slight nor moderate, neither puny nor funny.

It is interesting to note that the primary figure himself in a so called “Video Scandal” rehearsed and invoked the often quoted saying: “Condemn the sin not the sinner.” Without taking him seriously, he could then be asked: Why, you want people to praise and applaud you!? Oh, you expect the public to idolize you, to honor you as a hero!? My, you a popular acclamation for your canonization as a Saint!? While no one here and now can really condemn him for the hereafter and beyond, it is downright irrational for the same personality to ask and expect public approval and condemnation precisely for his flagrant misdeed.

But now that public outcry has somehow subsided, it might be good to point that concretely in the matter of guilt in this particular scandal, more than the principal character in the same base scandalous episode, there is in reality a relatively big composite guilt thereby generated by the obnoxious fact: The man and the women and the uploader and the manufacturer and the sellers all have their part in the scandal in different degrees – even those who buy and/or view the so called “Video Scandal “ with glee and delight. Sad to say, they all have their part in the scandal, one way or another.

Considering the Filipino culture, it would be hard for the central author and cause of the scandal to think that he could recover his good name – if anything of this were now left – easily and fast in this Country. Too bad! Too sad! But True!

+OVCruz. DD
May 29, 2009