Monday, May 25, 2009

"order of battle"

Lately, the disturbing and even nauseating reality of the so called “Order of Battle” (O.B) has come to fore in conjunction with the continuous use of definitely not a small amount of public funds categorically made immune to accounting under the convenient yet dubious title of “Intelligence”. In addition to the huge “Intelligence Fund” of Malacanang, it is even said that the gambling corporation itself of the government has its own “Intelligence Fund”. Interesting! Neat!

The assumption is that there are a good number of individual and group “Enemies of the State” whose identities and other particulars are the core content of the “O.B”. According to reliable sources, the listing of the individual persons and composite organizations considered as State “Enemies” is usually named or determined by Malacanang itself, Field Commanders and ISAF. Thereafter, a continuous gathering and filing of information about the said identified “Enemies” is assiduously made.

Considering what and who Malacanang presently is in mentation and disposition, it must see a lot of its self-made ghosts in a lot of places and in different times. In other words, being dubiously convinced that it is the State itself, Malacanang must see multi-thousands of “enemies” among the people and organizations looking at it with rational distrust and reasonable disgust – wherefore understandably expressing their objections thereto and/or dissent therefrom. Thus is it that the O.B. must be practically overloaded in names with their respective files.

Those listed in the O.B. – courtesy of the presently reigning administration- may be group into three general categories: One, those not only trembling with intense fear but also suffering from profound dejection on account of the deeply felt danger and nerve-wracking predicament of being placed in such a list – as the undersigned. Two, those not only proudly announcing their inclusion in the list but also considering it as some kind of badge of honor. Three, those not caring a bit and thus simply continuing with their civic or political stance, speaking out their mind and acting accordingly. One thing is certain, viz., the now obtaining O.B. can be anything but earning even vain “pogi points” for the ruling administration.

It might be good for Malacanang to know that not all those in ISAF are that appreciative of and subservient to it – considering the former’s long list of shameful acts and dubious agenda. The conclusion is rather tenable that its still upright and conscientious constituents are said to pass on proper information to those periodically placed in the abominable list – irrespective of whether they are in effect “Enemies of the State” or simply alienated by Malacanang on account of the latter’s continuous and consistent antics and shenanigans eventually contrary to the common good or public welfare. Meantime, it is said that the Congress has been recently asked “to probe” the O.B. Good luck!

+OVCruz, DD
May 25, 2009